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Moon-Moth (PL10/11) - Exaccus

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Power Level: 10/11 (177/179 PP)
Trade-Offs: -2 Attack /+2 Damage, -4 Defence/+4 toughness
Unspent Power Points: 2

In Brief:Moon-speaking Mothman Mage, Praetorian of the Delzatri Empire and Loveable Eccentric.
Alternate Identity: Myothizar A’lira
Identity: Public
Birthplace: Moon of Lantern
Affiliations: Praetorians, Delzatri Empire, Lanturnians
Family and Friends:
Oroda and Litha A'Lira; Sire and Dam, Fascinated with the technology of the Dalzatri they migrated with their Children and had taken up the study of whatever they can get there hands on. 
Loke, Orin and Shari A'lira: Younger Brothers and Sister: Left lantern to seek there fortunes in the wider empire,
Tae'lun Ozmodae: Friend and Mentor, Tae was born before the Lanternians made their great migrations and even served as an architect of the ritual that Relocated them; Took Myothizar as a pupil when the young Lanternian showed an instinctive grasp of spell-craft, Remained on lantern to teach magic to future generations. Forwarded Myothizar to the praetorians in the hopes he could find peers amongst their ranks.
Parth Larunzi: Friend; taught under Tae'lun alongside Myoth, the two have known each other  nearly their whole adult lives and have always been close in terms of relationship and talent in Mysticism; Came to believe Myoth was forwarded over herself due to favoritism on Tae'lun's part and has become a little bitter towards him.  
Age: 200 (DoB: Over 2200 years ago)
Apparent Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Moonborn
Height: 6'6
Weight: 130lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Fluffy White.

Tall with slender limbs and powdery wings bearing large eye like markings, Myoth could easily be mistaken for the terrestrial Cryptid Mothman, His coat is a snowy white that would blend readily with the surface of his home moon;

Power Descriptions:
An Artist at heart, Moon-Moths spells are often highly visual and thematic, Serving either as tools for his work, like his constructs and illusions or themselves works of art Drawn From Phenomena, Cultures and Places that have captivated the highly curious lanternian.

The Lanternian race evolved on the inhospitable world of lantern, a desert world plagued by a gaping hole in the atmosphere that let the fury of its sun scorch the surface unfiltered, setting its surface ablaze and granting its name. It was early in there history when, seeking to escape the fiery wrath of the unpredictable solar bombardments that they first developed there mystical capabilities, using them to as one migrate through space and to the surface of lanterns moon, already adapted to the harshness of there world it did not take them long to make the adoptions necessary to permanently colonize the satellite without the assistance of advanced technologies.

able to view the resplendent beauty of the cosmos from there sanctuary the lanternians found there understandings of magic and philosophy greatly expanded upon by watching how the gears of the galaxy turned and interacted with one another; soon enough the colony became something of a monastery dedicated to the enlightenment and education of lanturnians in the mystic arts.

Myothizar A'lira was one of the first so called "moon-born", having birthed and metamorphosed upon the moon, his coat was a brilliant white in contrast to the ruddy reds and browns of his ancestors and parents, his thin carapace trimmed with thick fur, his thinner arms and legs also afforded him a somewhat greater height and leaner build.

perhaps on another world being born so radically different would've resulted in some form of prejudice or exile but now an amiable agrarian society, his people readily accepted him as something of a good omen and the promise of there future prosperity; an omen that seemed to come true when on the eve of his 20th decade of life contact with envoys of the Delzatri Empire made contact and after much discussion it was decided that the joining of the Delzatri's empire would be there next step into the greater cosmos; a decision that Myothizar had advocated most strongly; for whilst he was never the subject of outright fear or scorn, the discovery of his deep and almost instinctive grasp of mysticism had lead to him being somewhat demonized by younger members of his race as something of a monster, hoping to find peers amongst the varied members of the interstellar empire.

A chance he got when he was forwarded by the elders as a potential candidate for the praetorians.

Personality & Motivation:
Lanternians are highly amiable creatures and Myoth is no exception, he greatly enjoys the diversity of the various species in the universe and whilst he is slow to anger and quick to forgive; wickedness and cruelty evoke his ire and fighting spirit.

Powers & Tactics:
With a keen mind and powerful magic Myoth can be a cunning and terrifying foe to face; Able to emit unerring prismatic energy bolts from his hands and antenna known for not only penetrating but passing through armoured vehicles and small starship hulls. generate highly complex Illusions, heal the wounds of others and spin silvery constructs from thin air It is little wonder he was all but demonized by the children of his home world; in general, Moon-moth runs interference and support, attempting to thin the enemy ranks and misdirect their strength

Moonspeak: Myoth's Grasp of spoken language is somewhat poor; given he was born on the moon and the lack of atmosphere necessitated a Non-Verbal Language He Will often misspeak or confuse terms, occasionally getting punched in the face as a result.
"I am Myoth, Not Monster.": Myoth's Slight ostracization has caused him to develope a craving for acceptance and Approval, the primary reason he enjoys working with the praetorians is the peers it provides him, He becomes extremely Distressed if he is called a monster, freak, demon or the like (he doesn't mind Alien, Lunatic or Fool.) and usualy tries to convince the accuser otherwise; Sufficient provocation however Might leads to Red Rages and/or Heavy Depression.

Abilities: 0 + 4 + 10 + 20 + 10 + 4 = 48PP
Strength: 10 (+0)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 20 (+5)
Intelligence: 30 (+10)
Wisdom: 20 (+5)
Charisma: 14 (+2)

Combat: 12+6 = 18PP
Initiative: +10
Attack: +6 Melee, +6 Ranged (+10 Blast, Snare, Transform)
Defense: +7 (+3 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed


Grapple: +6
Knockback: -7

Saving Throws: 2
+5+5  = 12PP
Toughness: +15 (+5 Con, +10 [
Force Field])
Fortitude: +7 (+5 Con, +2)
Reflex: +7 (+2 Dex, +5)
Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5)



Skills: 48R = 12PP

Concentration (8) +13
Craft (artistic) (4) +14

Diplomacy (4) +6

Gather Information (4) +6

Investigate (4) +14SM

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) (8) +18SM

Knowledge (Galactic Lore) (4) +14

Language 2 (Base: Lanturnian, Delzatri, Galstandard)

Notice (5) +10SM

Sense Motive (5) +10SM

Feats: 14PP
Dodge Focus 4

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 7 (Praetorian HQ and Spaceships; 5 from veteran awards)

Jack of all Trades

Luck 2


Skill Mastery (Arcane Lore, Notice, Sense Motive, Investigate)

Speed of Thought

Ultimate Effort (Knowledge (arcane Lore))


Equipment: 2PP = 10EP
Contributed to Praetorian Equipment

Powers: 50 + 2 + 10 + 9 + 4 = 75PP


Array 20(“Master of Magic”; Magic; PF: Alternate Power 10)[50pp]

-BE: Blast 12(“Vast Array of offensive magic”; Feats (Improved Critical 2) Extras Penetrating 5 PF: Accurate 2 (+4), Improved Range (300ft Incr) Indirect (3), Progression (Increase Range; 3000ft maximum) Variable Descriptor 2 (Any Magic)) [40pp]

-AE: Create Object 11(“Moon-Silver Constructs”; 11x250’ cubes; Extras: Movable (55ft radius, STR 55 Force: 26 tons), Precise, Progression (Object Size) 5, Stationary) (40/40pp) [1pp]

-AE: Illusion 8(“Mirage Arcana”; Affects: All sense Types, Progression Area 6 (100ft)(38/40pp)) [1pp]

-AE: Move Object 18(“Audacious Alterations”/ “Subtle Shifts”; Strength 90, Heavy load: 3.3k tons; PF: Affects Insubstantial 2 (Full Power) Precise, Subtle, (40/40pp) [1pp]
-AE: Snare 12 (“Moon-Silver Shackles”; Extras: Regenerating PF: Accurate 2 (+4) Precise, Subtle) (40/40pp)) [1pp]

-AE: Teleport 12(“Magic of the Migration”; 1200ft as a move, 20 million miles as a full action; Extras: Accurate PFs: Change Velocity, Easy, Progression Mass 2 (500lbs) (40/40pp))[1pp]

-AE: Time Stop 10("Moth-gate"; Extras: Accurate, Portal Flaws: Long Range)[40/40]

-AE: Teleport 15("Long distance transmission" Extras: Accurate Flaws: Long Range PFs: Progression Mass 6 (10,000 lbs) Change velocity, Change Direction, Easy, Turnabout)[40/40]

-AE: Time Stop 10 ("Myothizar's Moment"; 50ft radius Extras: Selective attack Flaws: Action(Full), DistractingRange, Unreliable (5 Uses)[40/40)
-AE: Transform 12(“Transmutations”; Affects: Broad (Matter to Matter) 5000 lbs; Extras: Duration (continuous) Flaws: Action (full) Range (Touch) PF: Accurate 2 (+4), Innate (40/40pp))[1pp]

-AE: Dimensional Pocket 16("Myothizar Zone"; 12,500,000 lbs; PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2 (Full Power), Extended Reach 2 (10ft reach)) (36/40)


Flight 1(“Mystic Flight” 10mph 100ft a round) [2pp]


Force Field 10(“Prismatic Scales” +10 toughness) [10pp]


Immunity 8(“Lanturnian Biology”; Genetic, Aging, Enviormental conditions (all), Suffocation (all); Feat: Innate)[9pp]


Super Senses (“Magic Sensativity”; Alien, Biological; Analytical, Visual Detect Magic)[4pp]


Drawbacks: (-2) = -2PP


Vulnerability: Fire (common) +1 to DCs (minor) (-2pp)

DC Block


ATTACK         RANGE      SAVE                                   EFFECT
Unarmed        Touch      DC15 Toughness                 Damage

Blast                300ft      DC27 Toughness                 Damage

Myothizars' Moment        DC20 Reflex                              Time Stop

Snare               120ft      DC22 Reflex                        Snare

Transform      Touch      DC22 Fortitude                 Transform

Illusion       Perception   DC18 Will                           Illusion


Totals: Abilities (48) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (12) + Skills (12) + Feats (14) + Powers (75) - Drawbacks (-2) = 177/179PP

Edited by Thevshi
+1pp for June 2018

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Okay Ex, fixed a couple of small errors.

There is only one error that you need to address that I see.  For your Super-Sense, it should be 5 pp as you have it right now.  Magic is a very common descriptor, so per our house rules, it costs 3 pp for a mental magic detect/awareness power.  Then it is +1 to make it ranged and +1 for analytical.

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I have been reading just enough Hellboy and Atomic Robo lately to be downright tickled by the idea of magic mothpeople. Because of course there are magic mothpeople. Why wouldn't there be?


The Magic Array is missing its feats; don't forget to list the actual 'Alternate Power 6' power feat in the Array itself for easy bookkeeping.

The Teleport AP is listed as 32/32pp, but is only a 31pp power; you have room for another feat here.

Flight is missing its cost, though it's tallied correctly in the final pp totals.

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