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This is Halloween, This is Halloween!


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So I brought this idea up in chat and folks seemed intrigued, so I'll just go ahead and put something up here.


Grimalkin loves Halloween; it's her favorite time of the year and she's been off-world, so she wants to do something big; her plan is to hold a special charity event, a full-blown walk-through 'haunted house' designed by and powered by superheroes!


She negotiates with the city to obtain the use of a large, fairly open building (for some reason, I'm drawn to one of the piers at the Waterfront) to set it all up, and she and a handful of heroes put it all together. The PCs would start out running things, describing their various scare techniques, but then of course something goes Terribly Wrong, the exact nature of the calamity TBD. The PCs have to work together to protect the paid visitors without causing a panic, aka 'it's all part of the show!'


I'd really love not having to run this, but would do so if no one else was game; what say all of you?

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Horn: By guest you mean have Vector as an actual visitor to the attraction? That could work; the place should really be wheelchair accessible anyway.

Okay, I get the sense that I'm gonna be running this thing, which is fine; I am willing to have two tiers of heroes in this, with two levels of threats for them to deal with: Big Bad for the PL10-12s, followers of Evil for the PL7-8s

So far, we have:

Grimalkin - PL12 [basically running the show]

Terrifica - PL10 [Technical]

Trailblazer - PL7 [um, general spookiness?]

Vector - PL10 [Guest]

Anyone else interested? I'd like at least one more street-level hero to keep Trailblazer company.

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So right now, I'm looking at Pier 13 as our location at the Waterfront; the large 100,000 square foot building is divided into three sections, which are $10 admission for each individual section or $25 for a pass to all three.


Part 1 is the Haunted Warehouse, an old-fashioned dark ride which is probably PG in tone.


Part 2 is the Dark Forest, sort of an indoor hedge maze with a dark fantasy/fairy tale theme. PG13 with wandering witches and goblins, etc


Part 3 is Zombie Hospital, which goes for a Walking Dead/survival horror game feel. Gross and bloody, very R rated!

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Okay, I think this thread is ready to cap off; here's what we're looking at now:

Grimalkin - PL12 [Design/Construction/Oversight]

Terrifica - PL10 [Technical/Security]

Miss Grue - PL10 [spookiness/Security]

Red Rat - PL8 [spookiness/Security]

Coiled Lightning - PL7 [spookiness/Security]

Vector - PL10 [Guest]

The way I see this breaking down is as follows:

1. With her control of glamour, Grimalkin can create objects out of thin air up to the strength of hard stone; she can therefore whip up a lot of the haunted house with but a thought. Due to her connection to her glamour, she can see and hear through anything she creates, as well as teleport via stuff she's made. This allows her to monitor the whole operation and teleport to any known danger zones.

2. Terrifica will design and supervise all the wiring, with lots of input from Coiled Lightning; we're talking ghoulish animatronics and the ride cars themselves in the Haunted Warehouse, and dramatic lighting in all three 'worlds'. Also security devices like closed circuit cameras, alarms and various safety features.

3. Grimalkin and Terrifica will start the active part of the thread in a sort of mission control area, probably raised up high near the ceiling of the pier so they can look down and see trouble spots, but they will mostly rely on an the CCTV and radio contact from folks in the field to look out for trouble; Grim's ESP will be supplemental to the hard tech

4. Coiled Lightning, Miss Grue and Red Rat will be 'rovers' that essentially serve two functions; they will wander the worlds in costume to help scare the guests, with lots of help from young civilian volunteers, but they will also act as on-call security. This might be simple bouncer duty to help remove unruly and/or drunken patrons, but also to help out with any emergencies either mundane (fire, structural damage, etc) or super (villains attack, hostage situation, etc). All three will be provided with small discrete comms if they need them, though Miss Grue's telepathy might be more effective. There will also be uniformed professional security highly visible on site as well.

5. Vector will be a guest, either with some friends or going solo, and will be sucked into the action once things go south.

How does this sound to everyone? Obviously PCs with other useful skill sets can volunteer to help out with construction as well.

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Okay, this thread will be in two parts; the first part will be sort of a 'getting to know you' session, scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 18th, and the second part will take place on Halloween night itself, representing the last day the hunted house is open and the day things go all screwy. Not sure if I will actually split the thread or not, but I might just to keep things easy for bookkeeping. Both parts will take place at Pier 13 in The Waterfront section of Freedom.


There is no expectation that the heroes volunteering would be there every day, since this whole thing would take place over two weeks (10/18-10/23 planning and construction, 10/24-10/31 the house is actually open). Players can decided how much time their character does or does not spend on the project, which really isn't terribly important anyway. The first thread will be pretty quick, I'd wager, while the second part will be a bit more involved. I will link the IC and OOC into this thread once they are up.


One last thing; I've decided to go ahead and GM this (thanks for offering, EP!), which means this will be probably fun but kind of messy rules-wise, so please bear with me! Now keep your arms and legs within the car at all times, and enjoy the ride!

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