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Sport of Kings (OOC)


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Yuri Wyzocki is a jockey working for Olandra Stables. Anthony Ito worked for Vendetti Stables.

Anthony Ito was found dead in his stables six weeks ago. The autopsy concluded that he had been beaten to death with a blunt object.

Yuri Wyzocki has a very vocal argument a couple days beforehand, focusing around an endorsement deal from BP.

Freedom City PD believes Yuri to be the main suspect.

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For now, Lets say everything in a 10' area around where the body was found? which probably means around 9 squares, round up to 10, and thus 20 minutes. 


For the larger area, lets take 10 for 25. 


(Basically dont want to get stiffed with bad rolls as above!, and with a +15 bonus should find something!)

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There's a lot of blood! Or at least there was. It's old now, and dried into the concrete floor and wooden stalls enough that it's prooooobably not going to come out (in Mess's expert opinion of someone who's seen a lot of bloodstains). In fact, there's some blood on the interior walls of the stall, as well.

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