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Captain Wonder


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The return of one of the most famous heroes of the Golden Age has prompted cheers and jeers alike. While reports of his feud with the Next-Gen are somewhat exaggerated, it's well-known that this is one older hero who is less than amused at the adventures and wacky antics of his teenage 'successors'. For mystics, the return of the champion of the Egyptian pantheon raises exciting questions about how Atum's court may be changing its relationship with the material plane and the other divine planes.

For people of a certain generation, though, the return of Captain Wonder means nothing but good things. His clean-cut, 'innocent' adventures stood apart from the stories told even of his friends the Centurion and Lady Liberty. In many ways he is an embodiment of the values of another generation, both for the good and bad. Memphis was a segregated city in his time, after all, and he certainly never did anything about that.

It remains to be seen just how well the Captain of the Sun and Stars will carry forth the values of the previous generation into this new one.

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Having defeated a demon in hand-to-hand combat, triumphed over his old foe Donar, Captain Wonder is sitting pretty. So far the World War II paragon has had nothing but success since his retirement came to a spectacular end. His secret identity is still a mystery, particularly as how his ageless face hasn't changed a jot since 1953.

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