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What Price Mercy?


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OOC for a grimdark spooky adventure for Nightingale and Revenant. 


Well Informed + Gather Information, or alternatively Knowledge [streetwise] for the Mission of Mercy


DC 10:

Its a Catholic Funded charity, giving medical care to the homeless. 


DC 15:

It does a lot of life saving work. It is a mobile Infirmary well equipped, staffed by doctor, nurse. 


DC 20:

It is run by the meek and lovely Sister Fenton, a nun of the Catholic Church, who also used to be a nurse. 


DC 25:

It has well stocked blood supplies, rather unusually. 



For plot purposes, Nightingale will certainly know a rumour (your choice how to narrate the knowledge) that the Mission of Mercy has a ton of  blood and is not well protected. You may, or may not know, that it would be unusual, but not implausible, to do so. 

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