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Coiled Lightning


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Night stretched out before him. Across the river, the skyscrapers of Freedom lit up, a city that doesn't sleep. On this side, the casinos came to full life, ready to exchange moments of hope and excitement for solid cash. Everyone knows whose pockets that cash fills, but the police can't do anything. No one can do anything.

Somewhere someone needed his help. Someone always needed help in this city. Someone needed to know that Coiled Lightning was there for them. Coiled Lightning was there to save everyone in need.

Taking a deep breath, he lept off the top of the Golden Calf casino and extended his whip toward a hotel across the street. Coiled Lightning instinctively held his hat on as the whip sparked out, caught hold and swung him down through the streets. He couldn't help it, a cry of excitement escaped his lips as he grazed within inches of the ground. A taxi honked at him as he swung past, arcing back up in the air before releasing the whip and grabbing the next building.

“Let's go, Charlieâ€, he thought, “The night is waiting to be savedâ€.

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