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Man vs Nature: Here Comes the Boom (OOC)

Brown Dynamite

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HGM, so, Velocity is going to let Grim hop out, then search the nearby area (up to a mile out) for some stable shelter to take any injured to that is out of the rain.  Using her maximum velocity (ie maximum quickness) this should take less than a second (taking 20 on the search roll).

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+1HP to all.  Not that it'll get combat use here any fights would be against looters and all.


So as Grim doesn't know Medicine or a Knowledge Check. Will let her use her gut as a DC17 WIS check if she wishes to try and stabilize him.  Failure isn't death, but it is a more dire need of getting to the hospital for sure.  Regardless of whether she tries or not, give me a DC10 Notice Check (which she does auto pass but rolling higher means noticing more!)




DC15 Flight Power Check to counter the storm from Tria.

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