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I like Mortal Kombat, even if I stopped playing it around when it got to "2". Sub-Zero spamming freeze - good times. Now, I have a chance to beat up insufferable DC heroes, and maybe even some villains. I like that idea, even if there's no chance I'll get it if it remains on PS3.

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Eh, no worse than Capcom vs. Marvel.

I didn't really have a problem with that game. I'm not a big fighting game guy, but the whole thing just seemed to be played for fun - ridiculously oversized fighters, bright, eye-gouging colors, and patently absurd super attacks.

By contrast, they seem to be trying to go with a "gritty" feel for the polished turd that is Mortal Kombat by mixing it with the king of grit himself - Batman. I dunno about this crossover attempt. I can see it going down in flames worse than the later issues of Spawn. You know - after McFarlane lost his freaking mind and thought reinventing the main character's personality every other comic would be a good idea.

If we're doing crossovers, why not go with something different? A real west vs east comics brawl - Western Comic characters versus Manga characters. Who wouldn't tune in to see who would win between a match between Captain America and Naruto? Between Jean Grey and Major Kusinagi? Between Spider Man and an Evangelion?

... okay, bad match up. :)

But seriously, if they had this game, I would be all over it like a fat guy on an all you can eat buffet. And if they had Ranma "I never lose" Saotome as an unlockable character? (Dr A, take note. ;) ) That would be the first time I will ever buy a collectors edition of any game. EVAR.

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