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32? Whew. Okay, have everything that on that ol' bucket of circuits.

Red Rat's Eyes Only!

A barrage of legalese. He had to have digitized everything in the filing cabinets to get these many files. The security was weak. Just a password, and a common one at that. Nothing was in code, although with the Rat's lack of expertise in legal matters, it might as well have been. However, there was one spreadsheet. It looked an awful lot like a list of debts and a payment schedule. Neatly organized, with the initials of the owed and dates of payment. A full record dating back years. One problem, however. The numbers never quite went down. It was like he paid down some of his debt, and then borrowed more. In fact, near the end of the sheet the amount owed to a D. L. absolutely spiked. He owed this person well over five million dollars.

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You know what, Rav? Screw the Slow Fade. If you should choose to go out a slower way than feeling your way to the window and jumping out blind, by the time you get out there the effect will have faded outside. Alternatively, you could investigate inside and learn some more about Esther Henson.

And as a general rule, if you want to make skill checks during narrative time, I don't mind a bit. Could even be helpful. you never know. I refer mostly to Gather Information, Knowledge, Notice, and Sense Motive. But, if you wanna do something else, it's fine by me.

Now. About that Notice check.

Red Rat's Eyes Only!

There's metal piping in the way, but...There's just the two men up there. Feretti is down and breathing hard. He's got a few obviously broken ribs, and his left shoulder isn't quite in the right place. He's a rotund man, and wearing loose fitting clothing that could be a suit. The other man is standing above him, looking completely unharmed. His clothing is more or less skin tight and thick enough that the Rat can't see his bones very well. Of course, that could be a side effect of peering around all those pipes.

If you're gonna go up there, I'll need an initiative roll.

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I'm fine with using Tactics to set up a surprise attack, but I'd say you'd have to get into the area first, and that requires Stealth. If you want to use that roll to aid your Stealth check using the Master Plan table (+1 for 10-14, +2 for 15-25, & +3 for 25 or higher), that's fine by me. Tiff can jump in whenever she likes with her own Init roll.

Meanwhile...1d20+9=24 for our bad guy. Feretti doesn't get one, as he's done with combat for the week.

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According to this 12 going first! Also, you all have approximately twenty rounds to apply the beatdown before these two split. Olive ain't kidding about those two minutes. And since this is all happening at once, let me post an initiative order for once and all.

Ferretti's House

Delano Light

Red Rat


Outside Esther's Apartment

Blue Jay

Olive Cartridge

Jay and the Rat are up!

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