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Because original titles are for witty people, who I am not among.

First and foremost, Samaritan is very much approved, so I'd like to do a social thread intro'ing him to the school. Let's have some takers, eh?

Second, I've mostly worked out (because names are hard) a nice plot for the Claremont brigade that'll introduce the Exiles to Freedom proper. Since going through proper channels would take tons of time (and I'm not that confident in a few of their builds anyway), they'd be plot devices this time around. The idea is that a random teen has woken up to some serious power. Doesn't quite know what to do about it. Radical Dreamer, being a seriously powerful precognitive, would have the Exiles either on the scene when things start to go bad, or recruiting Claremonters because things have can't be stopped from going or have already gone bad. And of course, there's a villain or three interested in this new powerful kid. Just to keep things nice and complicated.

Third, I can do street level threads forever. You want one? Give me a shout. It won't be Chandler, but I'll keep things interesting. A pattern of robberies that doesn't fit anyone's established MO? Gotch covered. New dangerous drug on the streets? Done in my sleep. Rich kid's been kidnapped? Rescue time, gents. Corporation doing something shady that's just caught up with them? Makes four. I could go on, but you get the idea.

I'm told a new GM is needed. I'm willing to help, even if my plotting skills are lacking.

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