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What, a chance for Wraith to go all scythe-hands, AA? It isn't even Christmas yet!

Move Action: Shapeshift.

Elongation 2 (10') [2pp]

Enhanced Feat 1 (Power Attack) [1pp]

Strike 5 (Feats: Improved Critical [19-20], Mighty) [7pp]

2+1+7= 10pp

Standard Action: Charge into battle.

Melee Attack Roll vs. Drones (whip-blades; Power Attack -5/+5) (1d20 + 11 - 5 + 2=17)

With the flanking bonus, that should be more than enough. Field Battle rules didn't say anything about takedown attack that I could see, alas, but hopefully it'll do.

DC31 Toughness; Wraith is at -2 defense until her next turn.

She will be (probably unnecessarily!) interposing for Eve as possible.

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This kinda thing is why I love shapeshift. Utility on a budget!

Wraith shifts something terrible and weird:

Additional Limbs 3 (+5 limbs) [3pp]

Leaping 1 (x2; 32' long jump, 16' standing, 8' vertical) [1pp]

Speed 2 (25mph / 250ft per move) [2pp]

Super-Movement 1 (Wall-Crawling 1) [2pp]

Super-Strength 1 (effective str. 29; 446lb light load) [2pp]

3+1+2+2+2= 10pp

For the sake of my own math fun, Eve's a scant 110lb and presumably Kimber and Tarva together don't weigh more than 336 pounds; at 25mph Wraith could make a thousand meters in pretty good time - about a minute and a half, plus or minus going all-out and/or what obstacles she runs into. (I was tempted to do a clean 50mph, but it'd be over so fast! And, y'know, whiplash.)

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