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Flawing the Morph power


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My character has the Morph power granted by the mask he wears, but instead of assuming a totally new appearance when he uses the power he keeps the mask itself as constant through all possible changes - making it possible to appear as different man behind the mask every time, no more.

Is this the Limited flaw, a drawback or something else?


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Yes, the mask always stays through and with every change. It rewrites Chazal's genetic code every time he activates it (thus he loses the genetic abilitites his normal human has) and changes the body around so that it looks like there another person behind the mask every time you meet him.

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I think that would be worth a -1 Flaw. It would, in many cases, essentially negate any chance of making a successful disguise check.

"Oh look, that tall black man in the silvery mask just ducked into that alley, but a short Chinese man in a silvery mask just walked out. I wonder where the first guy went?"


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