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[Request] Referee for Another Solo Game


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I've started another solo game entitled Burning Down The House. Would a Referee be interested in moderating this encounter? This is not a combat-orientated game. Much like The Hole, the game requires solving problems associated with a rescue operation. The number of people who need to be rescued, the number and type of obstacles present and any other hindrances are subject to the Referee's creativity. I'm thinking a large number, but that depends on the Ref's availability.

Unfortunately, this is definitely remaining a solo game. Thanks for reading! :D

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Or you could run it as a solo game, be both Player and GM. Sorta like a solo fanfic.

That's a very good idea. :) I'll throw some dangers at my character and see what happens.

Anyone is free to comment or make suggestions in the OOC thread, if they're interested or have the time, of course. :)

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