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I've begun a massive revamp of our page on TV Tropes. All of the existing tropes which were character-specific have been moved to the expanded Characters section, leaving only general trends and out-of-character stuff on the main trope page. The in-character and out-of-character trope lists have been merged, and the Characters section has also been updated to reflect the currently active PCs.

Please feel free to alter, expand, or remove any information on your own characters as you see fit, especially if you see something inaccurate or incomplete. I don't own this thing, so you're not going to offend me. On the contrary, I'd appreciate the help. It's still very much a work-in-progress.

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I've adopted an unofficial policy similar to what Gizmo did for his Visual Guide to active PCs: I don't bother working on someone's character entry unless the character in question has earned at least 10PP. You can feel free to trope up your own character before then, but that's an unoffical standard for a character with "staying power."

I can now count on one hand the number of PCs with 10PP or more earned who aren't entered or expanded on the FCPBP TV Tropes page. Again, please feel free to contribute. I don't own this thing. It belongs to all of us ("us" being "the active player base").

We have so many active PCs now that I had to split the Characters page into a bunch of sub-pages. We're over a hundred now.

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