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I have no mouth yet I must EXE (IC)

Tiffany Korta

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A Warehouse in Greenbank

11th August 2014 06:00


It would be strange for someone to take a taxi to the mostly industrial warehouses of the Greenbank. It was even stranger for said person to take the journey all the way from a rather exclusive hotel in Downtown Freedom City.


For the entirety of the journey the young woman, a teenager dressed in the most outrageous of modern fashions, spent the journey talking to someone on her cell that she called constantly MM. You wouldn't expect someone to be awake and active this early in the morning.


It was all very suspicious...

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Neomi took the young woman without question, wondering exactly what her story was. 


MM? who is that?


She nearly blurted out the question. 


She had been up all night, doing the graveyard shift, and was looking forward to getting home into her rather shabby rented appartment, picking up a paper, and falling asleep reading in bed, Neomi was pretty resilient to lack of sleep. She could get by on a few hours a night. But there was getting by, and feeling refreshed. Sleep was needed to process emotions, she had read somewhere. 



"Hey lady" she asked with a smile. "What are you doing up at this hour? Most people are asleep. A few are waking up. You look you had a great party the whole night and are ready for some more! Tell me where this club is, I'm going to try it!" she said. If it was a club, and it was that good, she would go. 


She turned the taxi into Greenbank. Rather near her safe house, as it happened. At least at this time, traffic was yet to hit Freedom City, clogging it up with horns and fumes. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

The young woman looked at her taxi driver with a mix of confusion and fear, she obviously wasn’t use to dealing with questions.


“Well... she wasn’t to beat the rush it an important deal.†obviously lying wasn’t her strong point either


“Here stop here, this will be fine.†she pushed forward to a bundle of notes, including a very gerious tip, and exited the cab before she could be questioned further.


The warehouse she was apparently heading towards seemed no different than all the others, it was just as dark and foreboding as all the others.

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"Sure thing lady" said Noemi, who was never going to turn down some extra cash. 


And was never going to leave this story untold. 


She parked her care around the block, and pulled up the passenger seat to reveal her crumpled Red Rat costume. A red leather jacket complete with logo, and bullet gray spandex. And a trusty silenced pistol. 


"Gah, getting changed here is hell!" she cursed, as one foot nearly went through a window. 


Contortions finished, and fully dressed, she crept out of the Car and like a panther, moved to follow the mysterious woman, keeping out of sight and silent. 

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There was little to distinguish the warehouse from all the other, yet Noemi was getting the strangest feeling that there was something else going on but the warehouse appeared empty...




Slave played back the signal a weird array of sound that sounded completely, well alien, even to her ears.


Something was hidden inside the warehouse, something that could be from out of this world.

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Aliens? Well...this is Freedom City...


It sounded unlikely anywhere else. But this city was a magnet to the strange and impossible. Aliens, though. That was, as they say, outside her comfort zone. 


Damn. It would take some brains to sort this one. 


She furrowed her brow and once again pushed her body. Activating strange and unusual parts of her DNA that had been linked to the Darwin-X Virus. Her body started to shrink, her head started to contract. It was not exactly painful, just a feeling that her whole body would pop. 


The end result was nearly a foot shorter. Her head had swollen to three or four times its previous size, and was bald as an egg. Her limbs were like sticks, shrunken and feeble. 


"Excellent! My superior intellect lives once more!" she said, smiling. "My cognitive faculties will be more than enough to solve this conundrum, pfah!"


Your neural capacity and kinetics are beyond human paramaters, mistress! How can this inferior system be of use to you?


Slave at least recognised a superior mind when it encountered one. 


You may be of utility, I shall deign to let you know when such unlikely circumstances appear!


Still moving quietly, the Red Rat crouched and crept towards the nearest Warehouse entrance...

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  • 2 weeks later...

On of the most complicated computer in the City and possibly in the world was floating at the top of the warehouse hidden from everyone. It’s owner, a unique alien in her own right, was making final repairs to the ship that had been there home for sixteen year.


And with the drive fixed I can go a visit anywhere I want, maybe even home. What is home called anyway? Miss Grue was squeezed into the small space of the hyperdrive in ways no human could possibly do.


It called...  Mother Unit gave the name in it’s native Grue ...Wait there another machine intelliegence nearby.


Well I’m going to call it Grue Home, wait someone else I’ll go take a look.



From the middle of apparently nowhere from the roof space of the warehouse appeared the

upper torso of a young teenage woman looking around as if it was the most natural thing in the world



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The Rat, and her enormous head, looked skywards to the extraordinary sight. In fact, as "evolved" as this form was, the massive cranium on a atrophied body caused a nasty crink in her neck when she leant backwards. 


What is this? Surely some Alien form, in human guise. A Grue, maybe! I must be alert. You may perform tactical analysis, Slave, whilst my superior Mind contemplates the more esoteric nature of the situation!


As you wish, mistress! Your intellect is beyond my fathoming!


And why only half of her? A visual field! Light warping, or DImensional lensing! Yes! Dimensional lensing! But why only half...? A field in certain spatial parameters, perhaps? Not fixed on the body, but occupying a certain fixed point in space here...how big? Who can say???


"Welcome to Earth, I greet you on behalf of humankind!" she called up. 

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Wow look it’s a real alien!


You do know that you’re actually an alien?


Well yes but I’ve never met another alien before. I’m going down to take a look.




The young woman waved, her other hand appear to be holding a small cube. She stepped onto the still invisible craft and began to slide down the craft. Only to be snatched out of the air by a giant woman!


The young woman that Red had brought to this site was now giant size and had the other woman, apparently an alien, in her giant grasp.

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Analysis: Size and mass increase of humanoid female, which I am sure your superior mind has already grasped faster than I could ever hope to!


Correct again! Your primitive silicon hard wiring has grasped the concept of my cognitive faculties!


The Evolved Rat took a nanosecond to be smug. The cube...it must be the cube. Someone was after it, perhaps some power source? Was it the source of the dimensional lensing? Would it filter or compress cosmic energy? Surely some cosmic device. A cosmic cube!


And clearly the larger woman was intent on its theft. The giantess could also crush the...alien...? in her hand. 


The Evolved Rat looked at the gun in her hand. An effective, top quality silenced pistol. She had an awful feeling it would be little more than a pea shooter against the Giantess. The Rat was an expert shot. But hitting such a massive target was easy....

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  • 1 month later...

It seemed that the alien had one or two tricks of her own as she began to fade from sight the motes of light shining through her see through body. But apparently the giant woman had other thing in mind, she reached with her free hand and plucked the cube that the alien had been carrying, before it could go insubstantial like it’s owner.


Obviously the woman had what she was after and in the time the alien had resolidified she was already out of the door and making a move away from the warehouse.

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Unidentified Life Form Undetectable, your Ladyship!


True, very true! Answered the Rat, stroking her chin as she holstered her gun. The alien, or aliens - at least they were not a threat. At least, not a threat to her. On the other hand, stealing cosmic cubes seemed a dangerous proposition. 


"Ho there!" she called out to the invisible Alien. "What manner of cube was that? I come in peace...Earth comes in peace...but the configuration of that device is most perturbing. Is it any energy source? A weapon?" she asked to the air. 

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  • 1 month later...

Daphne might be worried about Mother Unit but that didn’t mean that she had to rude about the meeting her “house guestâ€. She started to solidify into her normal form, before changing her mind and solidifying into her Super identity.


“Oh wow! I’ve been here a while but thanks for the welcome. That was Mother Unit a highly advanced AI, that just been kidnapped by a giant!†despite the potential seriousness Daphne couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement at potential shenanigans.


WARNING Species detected, aliens known as Grue. Declared enemies of the state in 1951. Instructions are to terminate on sight.


There was something different about this Grue the rather angular features of normal Grue seemed softer, more feminine. The long black hair that cascaded down her back, looking like it belong in a shampoo commercial, helped make her look a loss less threatening. But that the kind of thing that they’d want you to think wasn’t it?

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Grue, eh?


She may have missed most of the twentieth century, but the Rat had heard of the Grue. And the Grue had not come out well in the publicity machine. Least of all in the Superior Soviet Publicity Machine. 


The Brain Rat stroked her chin, contemplating the situation. 


"A highly advanced Artificial Intelligence, you say? That sounds interesting, and perilous. Especially as it would appear to be..."


She paused dramatically. 


"Grue! she finished, pointing her finger at Ms Grue. "Yes, you can't fool me and my superior brain!" she said triumphantly, trining her finger to her swollen cranium. 


"Admit it! You are Grue, no doubt with some master plan to enslave the human race!"

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  • 1 month later...

“It’s the red skin isn’t it? I was thinking for going for a friendlier green, I think it would work much better for me.†she beamed a large friendly smile


She didn’t seem right now that she was an evil shape shifting conqueror, but then again that would be what they wanted her to think.


“I promise you that I’m one of the good guys. What do I need to do convince you that i’m on you side?â€

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