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The Network (street level heroes, unite!)

Thunder King

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Who: Street level heroes, PL doesn't matter. If your PC hits the streets and fights thugs, drug dealers, etc, this is good for you. Should be a big part of their identity, but not required to be all of it.


What it is: An organization, called The Network, that unites street level heroes with the goal of opening up communication channels. Heroes that are part of The Network will receive encrypted contact info for themselves and others, enabling them to get access to assistance. This could be information, a safe house to crash in, or even assistance from other heroes (provided they can and are willing).


What it is not: This is not a team. These heroes would barely even see each other face to face unless help was asked and granted. In fact, players (and GMs) could feel fee to use the Network as a justification for why characters are teamed up in a thread.


What the thread is: The thread is for the first meeting. If you want your character involved in the Network and the thread gets overcrowded, don't worry. Your character can still join the Network even if he or she isn't at the original meeting.


Where: To Be Decided, but probably in a basement bunker.


When: Also To Be Decided.


If your character is part of the Network (which is likely if you ask), then your PC will receive an untraceable card, like a business card, with information on how to get involved. If your character is in the meeting thread, he or she has already gone through the process.


The Mission Statement: To clean up the streets of Freedom City by talking with other heroes and trading information.


Post away!

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Kit approves of networking. And she could use some contacts that aren't retired gangsters or high school/college students.

Wayward would be interesting, but she's way too high profile for any member to let her in, given that this seems to be on the down low. Hovercam rigs are a bad idea in secret basement bunker meetings.

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