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Threadening.... the Threadening...

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I have some ideas for some threads, future and current, some for my characters, or involving my characters. And some that are wholly me GMing, they will be annotated: *Survival/Hunting thread, this is where some of the characters are on a flight that gets knocked out into the wilderness (preferring heavy forested or jungle). There will be some levels of injury, and possibly escorting NPCs from the plane crash. Of course this group is being hunted. Because why not? (Can involve Errant, Tona/Blue Jay is tentatively committed.)


*Red Rat thread. She is made with old Russian/Soviet tech... so she should end up with an mad Russian Brain in a Jar, and his pet Atomic Powered Bear crashing at her doorstep and needing some help, with promises of some answers. Maybe. Either way it's gonna be messy. (This thread will contain 100% of your yearly needs of Atomic Powered Bear; also Red Rat will be involved).

Characters involved:  Red Rat (duuuuh), Comrade Frost, Graft.


*Errant has been hunting/interfering with an advanced tech arms dealer. The dealer snaps back, and kidnaps the telepath, because why not weaponize him? He managed a Pyschic SOS to his friends after his disappearance. Now it is a race to save him, while the crimes of his parents, and possibly himself, become manifest. (Whilst ostensibly an Errant thread, he is more a Macguffin than anything else, and the other PCs have to save him).

So... Thoughtspeed, Red Tiger, Glamazon, Stronghold, Bloeuwedd, and special guest Scarab


Side thread of this for Terrifica and Bloodline, as they work on another aspect of the guy's operation, possibly with someone else?


*Someone has picked up some a bunch of low-level goons/thugs, think street level/lightly powered.  Except they are all female.  Seems the recruitments have been most vicious.

-Terrifica, Red Tiger, Jay, Wayward, Blodd, and one more?


Tying into the first, I think some male characters getting pulled into the machinations outside of this would be good.

Foreshadow, Nevermore, and one more.  Maybe Blodd here instead?

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Maybe Mali for the Red Rat thread, but I have doubts as to how she'd even get involved.  Graft is also a possibility.


But Mali knows Errant, so she could be involved in either thread that involves him (Being good at stealth and recon helps). She could also be involved in the fight ring, because martial artist. Conversely, Gunnar, aka Solvrytter, is also in Claremont.

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The Red  Rat is signing up to the Red Rat thread....what? I know its a shocker.... ;)


As for the Survival / Plane thread. I have always wanted to do one of those myself. In fact, I did with Ari a few years back!


Id love to be in it, but no great Character fit!. Although I would have thought Steam and Blakely would be an interesting couple in th e jungle, dishing out tea for everyone. 


Finally, you may want to run the last Underground Ring past Thev as she has been involved in that scene (see if any cross fertilization). On that front, the Bloody Mess may be a good fit. 

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Glamazon for the rescue Errant thread of course!  She can also work for the fighting ring idea as that's up her alley.


If the Underground Fighting Ring hadn't turned into a female Furies thing would say Foreshadow.  Actually had one in mind for the future.  So the seeds of this one can give me inspiration for when I start that one up.  But can also fit into the Survival one if another spot is open.

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