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Charitable Donations and Money Laundering


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Vibrant Community Reclamation is a charitable organization dedicated to investing in low income neighbourhoods around Freedom City, building parks and youth centers while providing ample high profile photo ops for its board of directors and prominent contributors. Recently, however, Jack of all Blades has been hearing more than one drug peddler suggesting that VCR is a front for money laundering. The intel is of questionable reliability and given the organization's good reputation a formal investigation is unlikely. If VCR's shady business is going to be exposed the heroes will need to find evidence without tipping off anyone in a position to destroy the relevant records...


I'm looking for two or three PCs to join up with Jack for this. Ideally PL10+ to make balancing things easier, you can expect a balance of skill checks and detective work with the potential for combat if things go wrong!

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Hrm. This sounds very interesting.


Part of me wants to offer up Gabriel, because he definitely has the non-combat skills. But I'm not sure if you feel he'd be a good fit here, Gizmo!

Nevermore's kind of the opposite end of the spectrum, sadly.

CT's great in a fight, but unless we're investigating ART or HISTORY he's not super-useful for detective work. 

Thoughtspeed can search things really fast and is technically PL11 (especially if his edits get put through), though he's at 8 caps.


Basically I want in, and my desire to get Gabe more posts so he's the one to hit Platinum first means I'd like him in on it, but I would be okay if the guy looking to GM didn't think he'd fit. 

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Alright, wasn't expecting to get quite so much interest! Want to keep this thing fairly lean so I'm just going to tap Scarab to get her back into things, Blodeuwedd to let her stretch her skills a little and Graft because I want to see how a guy who runs a free clinic reacts to some of the stuff in this thread. I'll get the IC and OOC threads up tomorrow evening.


Everybody else, remind me that I owe you different threads in the near future! Spirit of Revolution should give me a better understanding of Terrifica as a character and I think I may already have something in mind for some fancy pants rich folks and a reporter...

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