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Next-Gen : Lor and Order

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Substantial Robot 1 Initiative: 1d20+1 12

Speeding Robot Initiative: 1d20+13 29

Substantial Robot 2 Initiative: 1d20+2 20

Giant Robot Initiative: 1d20+4 17

Miss Grue Initiative: 1d20+4 5


29 Speeding Robot, unharmed

23 Stronghold, 2 hp, unharmed

20 Substantial Robot 2, GM, unharmed

19 Thoughtspeed, 1 hp, unharmed

17 Giant Robot, GM, unharmed

15 Glamazon, 1 hp, unharmed

12 Substantial Robot 1, GM, unharmed

8 Cho, 2 hp, unharmed

5 Miss Grue, 1 hp, unharmed

Speeding robot is waiting for it’s commander's order, so Stronghold is first.

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So for the record we have


29 Speeding Robot, unharmed

23 Stronghold, 2 hp, Dazed + Bruised (SR 2)

20 Substantial Robot 2, GM, unharmed

19 Thoughtspeed, 1 hp, unharmed

17 Giant Robot, GM, unharmed

12 Substantial Robot 1, GM, unharmed

8 Cho, 2 hp, unharmed

(8) Glamazon, 1 hp, unharmed

5 Miss Grue, 1 hp, unharmed


Substantial Robot 1 will attack Miss Grue Attack Roll: 1d20+8 23 that hit's so her DC Saving throw Toughness Save: 1d20+6 7. So Unconscious!

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Sure.  In which case here's the way I think would be the best way to model it.  As a combined attack.  


In which Glamazon grapples Cho as a Standard Action (which Cho auto fails by your choice).  Then throws her which would normally a Move Action.  But Glamazon will have to Surge (and spend the HP to burn the fatigue) for a second Standard Action to Make it a Combined Attack.  As throwing would normally apply STR damage to both the target and that which is thrown (unless missed then only Cho would take the damage) Glamazon  would All Out (-2 Def/+2 Atk) Attack for it. 


Cho would in turn do whatever she wants to do for her attack.  And get a +2 to the Damage (As long as they both remain within +5 Damage ranks of one another) thanks to Glamazon making it a combined action.  Assuming they both land their attacks on the Giant Robot that is.  If only one lands there won't be a +2 but still damage.  And if a crit happens and more than +5 damage ranks from one another then it's two separate TOU saves.


That work for you?  It's rules legal if a bit wordy.

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Glam's going to forgo defense for a moment.
Move Action:  Charge towards Substantial Robot 1
Standard Action:  All-Out (+5 Atk/ -5 Def) Power (+5 Dmg / -5 Atk ) vs Substantial Robot 1 (DC29): 1d20+9 14 Well that is a thing that occurred.
Spending an HP to Reroll
Standard Action:  All-Out (+5 Atk/ -5 Def) Power (+5 Dmg / -5 Atk ) Paunch vs Substantial Robot 1 (DC29) (Improve Roll): 1d20+9 10 So that's the worst becomes a 20, and I don't think critical miss on account of the +10.
Free Action:  If Stronghold is near enough will Interpose for her seeing. as Miss Grue was sent back a ways.

Edited by HG Morrison
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