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The layout of the bank is spacious and open, with few places to hide besides the tills on the wall opposite the doors. A scattered collection of sofas and chairs in the middle of the room have been smashed and burned to pieces. The Black Salamander is standing there, while the Red Salamanders are moving to the vault door on the east(left-hand side), and the Yellow Salamander loots the registers. Y has half-cover, the rest are out in the open.


They don't take kindly to threats or being interrupted in the middle of work, so their initiatives:


Red Salamanders: 19,24

Black Salamander: 23.

Yellow Salamander: 23. Y Salamander has the higher bonus, so he goes earlier.

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Valcili, my apologies for this taking such an unreasonable long time, but we need to wait for horngeek(at least for two more days) to post Stronghold's Initiative. Otherwise we have no idea when she goes, which could change the entire sequence of events.


In this case, I'll have to ask a Ref to remove the post. Could you please copy it for use once BabyBrawler's turn comes?

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Okay, waited long enough. Beginning without Stronghold for the time being.


Current lineup:


Red Salamander #1: Unharmed-GM

Thoughtspeed: Unharmed, 1HP

Yellow Salamander: Unharmed-GM

Black Salamander: Unharmed-GM

BabyBrawler: Unharmed, 1HP

Red Salamander #2: Unharmed-GM

Cho Lee: Unharmed, 2HP


R Salamander 1 shoots at Cho with a fire blast! 28. DC25 Toughness save, please. As well, a Move-Action(-5 to the roll) Bluff check to Distract Thoughtspeed: 22. DC22 Bluff/Sense Motive roll.


Thoughtspeed is up.

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That does indeed hit. It doesn't exceed his Defence though. DC20 TOU save: 18. A Bruise.


Yellow Salamander takes the field. He casts Concealment on the other Salamanders. It creates a double-vision effect from shimmering heat-waves, meaning the heroes have a vague idea where they probably are, but attacking the right flickering image means the usual anti-Concealment roll. Then he moves toward the vault, though he doesn't leave cover until next turn. EDIT: Thoughtspeed, with his Accurate Mental sense, can of course get around this.


Black Salamander goes next. He makes with a mass of smoke that fills the air around BabyBrawler, creating a suffocating...Suffocation Effect. DC20 Fortitude save to resist losing 1 Attack, Defense and Reflex saves. It'll also hamper movement(only a Move or Standard Action per round). He then retreats closer to the two Reds.


BabyBrawler is up!

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