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So normal environmental penalties apply for Aquatic environments.  Only without the generic everything gets half-damage without environmental adaptation.  As I feel that should vary by descriptor, and water based attacks probably would be at full damage in y'know water.  -2 Attack, retain dodge bonus on account of the swimming power or due to a successful swim check.  Further -2 on attacks for every 5' in range.


The reigns are specially designed so even a rookie could ride.  +4 Ride (Masterwork) with the drawback that someone untrained only gets the skill counted as trained and no +4 bonus.  DC5 Free Action to maintain the chariot. Raise the DC +5 and action to a move action [-4 Ranged Attack penalty but normal defensive boon as if moving all out] to move twice as fast.  And +10 to move all out [-8 Ranged Attack penalty, but normal defensive boon].  Other random checks may apply to all depending when an obstacle pops up.  Weapons are available to take onto the course.  Any 5EP combination you can think up for free.


Anyways Initiative.

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The First Experienced Chariot Also doubles his speed Ride (DC10): 1d20+5 20
His lone passenger tries to aim backwards with some sort of whip and stone weapon to the nearest inexperienced team behind with a  Trip: 1d20+6 10 Missing 

The Second Experienced Chariot tries to copy the act Ride (DC10): 1d20+3 7 And messes up.  Let's say the collided with the wall for now.




Glamazon will Interpose for Tsunami.

She will also set her Favor Environment Bonus to Attack for this Lap.

And lastly, she will Block.

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Doesn't the Trip power normally mean a Power Check for the actual trip check part of it?  'Course for ease, I'm good with DC19 and handwaviums.
Experienced Racer 1's Chariot Reflex (DC19): 1d20+6 9
Str Check vs Trip (DC19): 1d20+12 25 
Inexperienced Racer's Reflex Saves (DC19): 4#1d20+2 surprisingly halfed
20 Even more surrising
Inexperienced Racer's Str Check vs Trip (DC19): 4#1d20+4 18
Experienced Racer 2's Reflex (DC19) and Str Check vs Trip: 1d20+5 17

1d20+8 18

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Inexperienced Rider Ride Check (DC15): 1d20+3 14 Well he almost took the lead!
Other Inexperienced Rider Ride Check (DC10): 1d20+4 18 That was weird.
So our Inexperienced Rider's Passenger is likely not going to be successful here.  But let's see swinging a large club to,
Trip vs Tsunami: 1d20+3 5 (Was actually supposed to be targeting Temperance.  Curse you T names.  Either way it's a miss)

Bringing us to  
Lap 2
28 - Tsunami - 1 HP - Unharmed
20 - Glamazon- 1 HP - Unharmed
18 - Temperance - 1 HP - Unharmed
20 - Experienced Racers x1 - GM - Unharmed
01 - Inexperienced Racers x3 - GM - Unharmed
-Still on Previous Lap and as such their actions are of no concern yet!-
20 - Experienced Racers x1 - GM - Unharmed
01 - Inexperienced Racers x3 - GM - Unharmed
At the beggining of the "Round" a orange spheres shoot up and float in front of the racers.  Gasp!  Someone tripped a trap.  DC16 Snare effect on everyone except for Tsunami.  (On account of Glamazon Interposing she will instead have to contend with two snares targeting her). 
And here's Glamazon's first Reflex: 1d20+4 22 She's a machine 
Reflex: 1d20+4 8 Or not.
Inexperienced Racer's Reflex Saves: 4#1d20+2 18
Experienced Racer's Reflex Save: 1d20+6 17
Experienced Racer's Reflex: 1d20+5 25

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Both are able to spot the Space pirates start flooding out from the ships.  Engaging Atlantean soldiers along the way.  But making for various large structures.  The largest concentration of which seem to be focused on the castle.


Furthermore, Tsunami can make out the fact that Captain Kraken personally was leading a small force to a building on the opposite end of the undersea city from the castle.  (While at the same time Kraken's voice can still be heard taunting from his ship)

Edited by HG Morrison
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DC30 Search Check

With a DC15 Notice Check to give a +2 Circumstance Bonus to Aid another.

The PCs with the lower two Search bonus (Glam and Temperance) are Aiding the one (Tsunami) with the higher bonus.  Failure in this case will determine how wide of a gap it is to catch up to Kraken.

Notice: 1d20+1 17

Search: 1d20+3 22 So +3 due to the extra +1 for exceeding the Aid (DC10) by 10


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Let's Roll Initiative anew folks.

And well take another HP.  Dakuwanga's nasty business and the environment is hot but not extremely hot.

Glam's Initiative: 1d20+1 20

Dakuwanga's Initiative: 1d20+1 21

Captain Kraken Initiative: 1d20+8 9

So...I just rolled 19 and 20  with two folks who have an Initiative score of +1 and a 9 with one who has an initiative score of 8.  Let's just examine that hilarity for a moment.


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