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The Collective is a sentient amalgam of radioactive cockroaches that's been bedeviling the heroes of Freedom on and off for about ten years now. It's an energy vampire that gets smarter and stronger the more energy it drains - it's usually been a problem for the Atoms and other heroes who rely heavily on technology. It can't really talk, only mimic human speech through the buzzing of insects. You've never heard of it having psychic powers, or of a "Psycho-Collective." 

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Terrifica will pull out her staff and attempt to Taunt the Collective. Because really, how do you fight a amorphous bug swarm with fists and a stick? I think pulling out the staff would be a move action, as it's not specified to be. And Bluff/Fascinate/Demoralize are take standard actions unless one has the feats that say otherwise. Do I have that all right?

18 total. Could be better, could be worse.

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Harrier stabs the Collective, which at this point is still solid enough to be tagged by a single hit. 


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4558840/ = 28 


That hits, and forces a Tou roll. 


But - as a Complication that gives an HP to Harrier, it takes the hit - and jumps a PL! (The Collective in the book is written very badly, so I am fudging it here.) 


http://www.freedomplaybypost.com/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 - it now has the following stats, upgraded to PL 11. 


The Collective blasts Harrier with a swarm of cockroaches! 


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4558845/ = 24 


And hits! 


Tou vs DC 30 


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4558846/ = 18


I am not prepared for that, so let's spend an HP...


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4558847/ = 31 


It's all good.

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