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Private Plane en route to New Freedom (Half an hour away)

Saturday,  June 07, 2014
6:18 PM


Even before the school year ended, rumors had been flowing around the Claremont campus that Headmaster Summers had been growing increasingly sour.  A few students had even mentioned seeing him speaking less than cordially with a woman inside of his office.  But as all the rumors related to Headmaster Summers the truth was shrouded in mystery.


Then the volunteer forms appeared inside of the dorm rooms, of a select number of the student body.  Giving students the opportunity to represent their school in an interschool competition.  With the reward for participation being quote as field experience, extra credit [pre-emptively guaranteed for any who would be graduating before the summer came], and a free vacation.  The catch?  The opposing school was New Freedom's Academy for Exemplary Individuals.  Getting students excited to visit New Freedom was no easy endeavor.


It was made clear to those whom had been sent the invites that ultimately no one was forced to volunteer.  Five students were ultimately picked from those that expressed their interest.  Devin Yeager, or Coach as he expressedly wished to be called, was the only member of the faculty whom had chosen to accompany the student competitors.  Not counting Headmaster Summers of course.  Once the agreed upon came to pass the Claremont students were taken to a private jet in the middle of the evening so as to arrive at their destination in style.

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...why did Dad agree to this, anyway?


Haukea looked around the jet at the other students that were coming to New Freedom- anything but free, her mind supplied in a moment of snark- nervously looking at the others who were coming.  She knew Will, she'd met Cho at the ice-carving... she wasn't really familiar with the others, though, beyond 'doesn't he blow stuff up' and 'really cute redhead girl', and she was always a bit awkward in a situation like that.   And this was probably not a good time to be doing that.  


Well, they wanted to make a good impression.  Probably wouldn't want to stumble over her words in front of the New Freedom people.  She spoke up, mostly towards Will and Cho, voice a bit nervous.  "Well, this should be a thing.  Surprised the headmaster managed to get five of us, actually, the reaction when the forms went out... um.  Wasn't exactly overjoyed."

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Will hiked the bag over his shoulder up a bit higher. He'd packed several backup costumes, a couple of Claremont uniforms, and a couple sets of Claremont-issued workout gear. This was on top of basic toiletries, helmet-cleaning kit, and a couple of spare oversized masks. 


He didn't want his face getting around too much. Sure maybe their names were on the forms but for some reason he felt paranoid. 


Plus his parents had insisted. Especially his father. A lot. At high speed.


He waved a hello as Haukea walked over.


"You have no idea how badly my parents reacted or how long it took the Headmaster to convince them I ought to come. I'm not even sure about the whole thing myself yet."

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"Yeah it...didn't go so well with my family either." admit Cho, as she doublecheck if she has everything. "Especially not with, um, things going on. I'd rather not talk about it. I mean, they're getting a whole lot more lenient but New Freedom?" The girl then gave Will a big, googley-eye faced and then slide a finger over her throat, before shaking her head.


"It's not a good place, I heard." continues Cho. "You can probably guess why they weren't excited by the whole idea. And no, I have no idea why they picked us. I mean, there are some much more 'glamorous' choices, more than some of us." Already she was shooting herself in the foot with this conversation, which was nothing new coming from Cho. All the while, the sentence was tinged with a hint of self-deprecation. Oh well, at least Haukea would have someone to be awkward with.


"But I guess nobody felt like going there."

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Haukea chuckled.  "Well, my mum was worried, but my dad actually approved of the idea.  He said he trusts the headmaster."


Well, he'd also said that New Freedom would be an enlightening experience for her, 'considering you want to be a superhero after graduating'.  But Haukea wasn't entirely sure what he meant by that.  New Freedom was kinda a lesson in how trying to form a nation based entirely on 'having superpowers' didn't work (or rather, hadn't exactly turned out well for the inhabitants), so maybe that?


"What I want to know is, how did New Freedom agree to this?"

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On the plane ride, Sam busies herself examining a fresh set of tools. Mostly, examining a fresh set of clean, shiny lengths of straight wire, making sure there aren't any brittle parts that might snap off when she tries to use them. Sometimes, the classic tools are the best. As Haukea does her nervous glancing about, she offers a polite, friendly smile, but she doesn't start conversation.

But when others start discussing, she doesn't hesitate to join in. "Miss Vance didn't argue," she refers to her guardian. "Just told me to keep my eyes open." She'd been in dicier business than this, after all.

"As for reasoning, it's pretty simple. We're all professionals here," she points out. "There's professional pride, and when it goes overboard, professional arrogance. When two sides want to think they're the best, and feel like they need to prove it? Well, then you get this. Toss ideals, stubbornness, and a rather large stick in a pot, and you get this."

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Gunnar was both amazed and terrified. This machine was miraculous, magical, and terrified him. But, a knight does not show fear, especially since everyone else was clearly fine with it. His fear, while a natural response, was irrational. If this were a dangerous machine, truly everyone else would also be terrified. No one else seemed to be. He reasoned that if the plane were to malfunction, it would probably kill most of the people if it were allowed to crash.


But he could just as easily die falling off a horse, or from a disease like cholera, the plague or even influenza. Fear of death, especially in a machine that was apparently routinely used, was entirely unjustified and did not suit a knight. If he was not afraid facing down armed foes, he should not fear a machine.


"Games of competition are oftentimes substitutes for warfare. Knights simulating the field of battle in jousts and melees with blunted blades.  I would imagine their reasons are the common reasons for such competitions; to prove one's superiority, or to test one's mettle. My own reasons fall in with the latter, an opportunity to strengthen myself.".


He managed to say his piece without the fear becoming evident in his voice, which he was proud of.

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"Well..." said Cho, before trying to hide back a smile hint of a smile. "You know, part of me really like thise whole competition thing! I mean, it's good, since I can't really compete in anything else that's 'normal'." No normal sport team would ever let her play, now. Not unless she could somehow prove her powers could be turned off. Which, as it happens, they can't, of course, cutting down her number of options drastically.


She then stretched, causing a small discharge around her outstretched fingers. "I should have asked for my details. Bah! Doesn't matter! It will be fun anyway, just like the dinosaurs! Granted, not a lot can beat seeing real, flesh and blood dinosaurs. It was like Jurassic Park but cooler!"

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"Wonder if we'll have any foot races. I mean, surely with as many folks as they've got there's a speedster or two, right? Gotta test myself, you know?"


With others starting to really talk it out Will has clearly relaxed somewhat. He grins wide at Cho's mention of dinosaurs!


"Oh, yeah, dinosaurs are awesome! I raced a few! It was on television recently. Because awesome."


He gives a sage nod as if that answered all related questions. 

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Sam just smiles at Gunnar's assessment. "So remember, folks. If we lose, we're telling New Freedom that they'll have the edge if they start a war in the next few years," she points out with her sunniest smile. Which may well be true, but saying it out loud could put folks on edge in the most amusing way. Not like it's worth worrying about; it's above their heads for now.

The events, though? There's an interesting question. "I'm more curious what they have me on for. I mean, I'm the best at what I do, but... it's not exactly the hero standard." She gives the next bit of wire an appraising final review, then puts it away to start cleaning and examining the next. "Don't think they'll have me knocking over a bank."

Sam smiles at the exchange, having gone on both trips to the past. It would be unseemly to boast, though. Instead, she just adds, "I miss Lucy." That little dinosaur was adorable. A shame she couldn't keep her, but she already has one and a half cats, and New Jersey isn't exactly kind to free range cold-bloods.

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Sam just smiles at Gunnar's assessment. "So remember, folks. If we lose, we're telling New Freedom that they'll have the edge if they start a war in the next few years," she points out with her sunniest smile. Which may well be true, but saying it out loud could put folks on edge in the most amusing way. Not like it's worth worrying about; it's above their heads for now.


At this, Cho give Sam an 'Are you really serious' face. "I don't think a bunch of students is really what would decide wether a country invades or not. Isn't that just a bit to...um...simplistic? Beside inbetween the Freedom League, every Claremont student and everybody else I don't think it could even happen!" However, as it turns out, she immediately found a big hole in her logic. "Hm, then again..." By her logic, nobody would ever try anything in Freedom City ever and yet clearly that just wasn't the case. Inbetween the robots and the ice sculptures and everything else, that just wasn't true. People still tried.

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"Um.  Cho.  I think it was a joke.  Although..."


Haukea seemed slightly nervous for some reason.  Well, more nervous than usual- Will and Cho were likely familiar with how awkward she was with people she hadn't met before, and this seemed... more so.  "Well, it's always good to be sure.  So, losing might be fine, but we need to make sure that... um... we at least put up a good effort."

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The plane shook violently as it hit a bout of what felt like turbulence.  'Coach' chortled for a second.  "Welcoming committee, they won't blow us out of the sky.  But love to let it be known they could if they wanted to.  President Harper most assuredly is a loon.  But, she's not a fool.  There are no plans for conquest being birthed from this competition.  A display of superiority would equate to free advertisement for the largest exporters of super powered mercenaries.  A failure would just be swept under the rug as capitalist lies and trickery.  They've conceded not to record the event itself as long as we also agree not to 'interfere in such a way that interferes with public morality.'  A fancy way of saying don't spur any coups or help any rebels." 


The man drew his attention back to his newspaper.  The overhead light for strapping oneself in coming back on.  Their headmaster had begun his descent.  The students were officially in New Freedom airspace.  Thrust towards the welcoming arms of the local government owned airport.  With a student advisor whom seemed far more interested in the contents of his editorial than whatever waited for them when they landed.  Coach Yaeger was a gruff man of Nordic descent.  He had long eyed a physical education position, but time and time again had found him straddled as an art teacher.  His plaid clothing was more reminiscent of a lumberjack than a proper educator.  Which was convenient as his limbs were as built like tree trunks.  


It is known that the man did work as an active heroes in Eastern Europe during the 90s.  But, there hasn't been much avail by the student body in actually figuring out who he was.  Going as far as few students even knowing what his abilities were.

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"So, why even bother with this if they're not even planning to record the event?" Point out Cho as the plane shaked. At least she could find SOME comfort in the idea she'd more than likely survive the plane crash unscathed, before remembering some of the people on board wouldn't and that thinking that was utterly selfish and self-centered. 'I wish I could fly' crossed her mind.


Then she waited as the plane finished it's descent and finally landed. "S-so what am I supposed to expect down there, exactly?" Perhaps looking outt he window would give her a better idea...

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Will grabbed his armrests a bit more tightly than normal for just a moment when they got buzzed by New Freedom fliers.


"Not recording probably lets them spin it in their favor no matter what, and we won't have proof to back it up. Plus, while we'll observe some of what they can do, it'll be hearsay and not empirical recordings. That's my best guess. I just hope there's a race."


He couldn't help but grin a bit.


"I'd love to show them what a Cline can do on the ground."

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"Um.  I'm not entirely sure what my powers would be best for in a competition format.  Building stuff, sure, but, um, I don't think any of the traditional 'hero' stuff."


Haukea paused.  "Um.  Assuming they're interested in that sort of thing, they might not be.  I suppose I could do weightlifting?  The Orange Ring doesn't really boost that to superhuman, I suppose, but it's something..."


She looked at Coach Yaeger.  "Wait.  Um, sir, that sounded like the 'no recordings' was a request by Claremont, not New Freedom..."  The sentence trailed off as Haukea thought.  

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"Correct Kawena."  'Coach' responded to Haukea's question.  "We made the request and they agreed.  Cline is right as well.  It was in their best interest as well.  But, they're not going to admit that.  The headmaster doesn't particularly care for how they spin things.  Rest assured as long as it provides you further measures of privacy and security the Academy's interest are served as well."


"As for expectations.  Today is supposed to be a reception.  You all are the guests of honor."  The middle aged man ended the statement there.  Clearly leaving his opinion as to what being the guest of honor entailed.  "As for the actual competition.  It is my understanding each school will have alternating pick to name events.  As they are our hosts they get to set out the layout if need be.  There are team events and individual ones in this little excursion.  But the headmaster will personally guarantee no foul play occurs that couldn't be handled."

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Will gave a grunt at Coach's words.


"Yeah my folks told me a little bit about this place. Everyone needs to stay on their toes; these folks think in twisty lines. Don't act scared, but keep your eyes open, that sort of thing. If we lose, we lose."


He gave everyone else in the plan a grin that seemed genuine. Perhaps the barest flicker of worry.


"After all it's not like I'm the fastest man alive. Yet."

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"Bah! Anyway! We're here, might as well enjoy the competition, right?" said Cho, getting pumped by the whole thing as she punched her own palm, excited. "I haven't really had much of a chance to do anything ever since, well, things hapenned." she explained, refering to the emergence of her powers, which had cut her off from competitions with other, 'normal' people, much to her annoyance.

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Stronghold nodded at Thoughtspeed's words.  "Right.  Um... so, let's all do as well as we can, then?"


Sam kept distracting her for some reason.  She... didn't think it was feeling inadequate.  That was more Cho with how confident the other girl was.  


Might have to figure out what later.  Haukea looked out the window, stowing away a very, very well-read book into her luggage carefully.  "And maybe we'll make some friends.  Even if they might be from a pretty different place than us?"

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"Eh, whatever. I'm just here to win," Sam declares flippantly as she yawns, giving a big stretch. The once-over of her new tools done, she puts them away, "All this talk of politics and power games is giving me a headache. Wakes me up when we land."

She closes her eyes, and falls into a light rest, still listening, but mostly dozing. "Who knows?" Her tone gives the impression that Haukea's getting a sidelong glance from behind the redhead's eyelids. "Maybe some of those New Freedom folks will be kind of cute." An eye cracks open just a hair, a hopeful check to see if that warranted any adorable blushing.

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Kit indeed got a reaction, Haukea's bronzed skin darkening in a blush.  "Ah, um, I wouldn't really know... ah, sorry, I mean, they might be, but I'm not entirely sure they'd be interested- sorry, interested in me, they-"


Before digging herself even deeper, Haukea closed her mouth.  Good job, she probably thought that Haukea was a total dork now.  More of one.  Why was she getting this flustered, anyway?  Sure, she didn't know Sam very well, but she'd gotten introducing herself and stuff like that down pretty well, right?

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At the show of awkward, Sam can't help but smile. Then, she starts to laugh, waking from her oh-so-brief sleep. She reaches across the aisle and musses Haukea's hair, "Ah, don't sell yourself short. You're adorable. I'm sure there's some nice, hot, fascist mercenary-in-training just dreaming of a being the years-long, on-again, off-again, doomed-from-the-start romantic frienemy to a girl like you."

It's hard to tell whether she's being serious, or mocking, but she's definitely being cheerful. That counts for something, right?

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At the messing of her hair, Haukea went silent for a moment.  Mostly from sheer... embarrassment, perhaps?  In any case, it took a few moments for her to gather her thoughts.  "Um, er..."


Eventually, the blush started to lower.  "Um... well... er... I'd... ah... prefer not to be frenemies?  Just friends with her- um, him- whichever?"


The blush came back up for a bit, as Haukea searched for the right words.  "I don't think I'd like a friendship that had to change like that so often.  When you have a friend, you keep them."

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'Her?' Interesting~ Oh, this is just too much fun.

"Mm... I can see her now..." she takes on a dreamy tone, ignoring Haukea's objections as she waves a hand through the air. "A dark, mysterious stranger, who opens up only to you. A few days later, you're forced to go against each other in the competition! You're both conflicted, she makes her feelings known with a kiss, and it's that moment of distraction that determines the winner, but neither of you care as you're forced to go your separate ways and sort out your feelings. Then, weeks later, business brings her to town, and just when you think the whole situation is going to drive you crazy-"

Suddenly, Sam vanishes, masking her presence to all in the cabin while she removes her hand, only to reappear at Haukea's other side, her fingers intertwining with the embarrassed girl's. She leans in close to her ear, "Hello," she offers in her most sultry husk, the hot, wet breath of the word tickling the redhead's victim as she pulls back and returns to her normal voice.

"Suddenly, in a crowd, she takes your hand, and sweeps you away on a whirlwind night, showing you the time of your life before business forces you against each other again..." it seems like Sam could go on with this little daydream for a good, long time if no one interrupts her.

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