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Rebels Against the Dark Lord(Non-Canon)!


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What: Master Mage Adrian Eldrich, in a ludicrous display, loses one of his manifold off-screen battles with monstrous, mystical madmen from beyond the veil! Not only is he conquered, but his body is turned into a facile puppet and his soul enslaved!


Said conqueror(their identity unknown) promptly rolls into the World of Freedom, seizing the mystic reins unseen and and directing the dimension's very essence into one more suited to their will. They masquerade as the good-hearted magus to the rest of the dimension, but bit by bit, enough pieces fall out of alignment(weird things happening to physics when 'Eldrich' is supposedly fighting otherwordly beings; powers, people, places or memories altering at seeming random for the smallest fractions of seconds), enough clues are found by the wary or specially-attuned, for a smattering of Earth's denizens to realize something is very wrong. And that larger changes are soon to come.


The thread starts with the rebels first banding together and pooling their discoveries, in conjunction with a rare public address by 'Eldrich'...


Who: 3-5 PCs, PL open, no theme necessary. Alternate takes on said PCs welcomed.


How: That's largely up to the players once they've gotten a game plan. Taking the fight to the Dark Lord, gathering support and power by public words and deeds, seeking aid from beyond Earth or the physical world, even pretending to ally themselves with the two-faced sorcerer, the options are all open. Depending on how play goes, it can skew anywhere from being a massive brawl against the forces of world-warping evil, a subtler, skill-focused game or anything in between or outside those boundaries.



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Avenger speaks the truth! And thank you Valcili and Ecal for the interest.

Also of note Valcili, non-canon posts count for half of a normal post. So if you posted 20 times in this one in a month, and 20 times in a canon thread, you would only be counted as having posted 30 times that month. It's one of the reasons non-canon threads are so rarely done.

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Well at this point I am not really interested in attaining as many points as I can in a months time. As I am still new to this PbP thing I think just having the opportunity to post and gain anything for doing so is good enough for me. I just hope I don't need to have a canon appearance before doing a non-canon.

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