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The Hole (OOC)


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This is a solo game for Nightrival, who gets caught in one of Warden's notorious deathtraps.

EDIT: This game is no longer solo but players should request if they would like to join, as usual. I haven't included details like the weather or current events in the introduction. New players are welcome to add these to the backdrop.

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SB, please forgive me if this bit of info Grim just dropped in your lap takes the storyline in a direction you don't want to go in right now, but my training and instincts as a dramatist tell me this is the perfect time to bring it up :twisted: I don't actually plan these things for Grim, even though it might look like it; I go with my gut on her storylines, and pray to God I don't piss anyone off.

Let me know if you disagree, and I can edit it.

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I like it. However, Nightrival doesn't know Nanowire's name. They met briefly and they never exchanged that kind of information. Sure, Nightrival would recognize him, but to him the name "Nanowire" has no real meaning. I think, logically, this would produce a comedy of errors and that suits me just fine. Lightening a soon-to-be tense situation is workable and fun. :)

I will write a thoughtful reply but I'm currently occupied at the library. I will post soon.

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Since I think I took most of your opportunities for discovery from the last deathtrap, I'll just post what you're feeling/hearing here and you can make the determination.

As I've told Heritage in the chat, to Grimalkin, it doesn't feel like the heat is coming from below her. She's not sure where it is coming from, however.

To Nightrival's trained ears, (that is to say, not deafened by the previous room :) ) the same thing seems to be happening. A fire that large should be creating a steady roar, but it seems to be an uneven crackle.

Oh, and I modified the previous post to include the door slamming shut.

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I'm not sure if a swing line can legally do what I described in the text. I'll spend one of my coveted Hero Points if it's needed. :)

EDIT: I just remembered using the swing line is a move action, so that's one and a half rounds. That might be too many rounds in one post. I'll break it down into two posts if required, after Heritage posts.

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