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Bijou WIP


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Player Name: trildemex

Character Name: Bijou

Power Level: PL10 (PP)


Unspent Power Points: 0

Progress To Bronze Status: 0/30

In Brief: Scorned witch trapped in necklace possesses and controls wearer.

Alternate Identity:

Identity: Saffron Woodbury (Secret)

Birthplace: Salem

Occupation: Witch, Jewelry, Super-Villian




Age: 340-ish years

Apparent Age: ??

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: White American



Eyes: ??

Hair: ??

[describe char]

Power Descriptions:

Descriptors: Magic


Raised in Salem, Saffron Woodbury was born into a family of powerful witches. Unlucky for her, just as she reached adulthood, the locals had planned a coup to weed out the witches. 


After a heist gone wrong, Bijou was stolen from the museum

Personality & Motivation:

Bijou's goal is to locate and track all the descendants of her captors and kill them in order to release the ward that is trapping her in her necklace, which is her prison.

Powers & Tactics:

Bijou has several methods of debilitating enemies, in fights she tries to incapacitate one target before proceeding to another. Most of her attacks have subtle because she only needs to focus her thoughts to use her spells and doesn't need any big gestures.





Powers: 32PP

Device 22 (Easily Removable, 110pp)(PF: Indestructible, Restricted to Descendants) [68pp]

Jewel Juju [72pp]
-Super-Senses (Detect Magic, Normal Range) [2pp]
- Enhanced Intelligence 20 [20pp]
- Enhanced Wisdom 14 [14pp]
- Enhanced Charisma 18 [18pp]
- Enhanced Skills [8pp]
Craft (Artistic) 20 [4pp]
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 20 [4pp]
- Enhanced Feats [10pp]
Artificer, Attack Specialization 5 (Wicked With Array)
Eidetic Memory, Hide in Plain Sight, Master Plan

Magical Maneuvers Array [9pp]

Array 4 [8pp, 1AP][9pp]
-Flight 2 [PF:  Flight Maneuverability 2] {6} + Super-movement 1 (Water Walking) {2[8pp]
-Teleport 4 [PF: Change Direction, Easy][8pp]


Wicked Witch Array [29pp]

Array 10 [20PP, 9AP][29pp]

Hex of Agony: Damage 10 (1000ft) [PFs: Subtle][Extra: Normal Range][Flaw: Full Action] [11pp]

Hex of Decay: Drain 10 (Constitution) [Extra: Ranged][20pp]
Hex of Despair: Fatigue 10 [20pp]
Hex of Deciet: Illusion 10 (Visual, Auditory, Tactile) [Flaw: Limited to one subject, Phantasms][20pp]
Hex of Misfortune: Trip 10 [PF: Subtle][11pp]
Mood Charms: Emotion Control 10 [20pp]
Shapechanger: Growth 4 + Shrink 4 + Morph 6 (Humans and animals) [20pp]
Animal Cantrips: Comprehend 2 (Animals 2 [Limited to Amphibians]){2pp} + ESP 2 (Visual Senses[100ft])[Flaw: Animals Medium]{2pp} + Animal Control 10 [Limited to birds, cats, amphibians]{10pp}[14pp]
Spirit Cantrips: Comprehend 4 (Ghost 2){4pp} + Super-senses 3 (Detect Ghosts){3pp} + Astral Form 2 (100ft)(PF:Subtle) {10pp} [17pp]
Trickster Cantrips: Invisibility 1 (Normal Vision){4pp} + Telekinesis 1 [PF: Subtle, Precise][Extra: Perception Range]{5pp} + Illusion 10 (Auditory) {10pp} [19pp]


Drawbacks: 0


DC Block

ATTACK      RANGE     SAVE                         EFFECT
Damage      Touch     DC22 Toughness (Staged)      Damage (Physical)
Trip        Range     DC20 Reflex                  Proned
Stun        Touch     Dc16 Fortitude               Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious

Totals:  Powers (68) = 68/150 Power Points

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