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A day at the (super) gym (OOC)


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Yes, the IC does mean the thread is not currently looking for characters. Though, if Markk might be willing to let in others, that is his call.

Shazam. What would a Gather Info Check of 23 net for Velocity about Captain Wonder (she has the Well Informed feat to make the roll right away).

I am going to post her arriving as you do, once I know what that roll migh have her learn, so I can incorporate that.

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Well, decided to post without the particulars of what she might know about him :)

I wouldn't expect anything different from a speedster. ;)

The World's Mightiest Man! Hero of the Golden Age and World War II, former hero of Memphis, Tennessee. Disappeared in 1953 after one of the last big super-brawls of the period. Reappeared a short time ago in Freedom City, is apparantly the same guy.

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Nariek, I would point out that a regiment was not a part of the Roman military orginzation.

From the time your character is from in your back story, a Legion would have been divided inot Cohorts of 480 infantrymen each, which was further divided into six centuriae of 80 men each. Those were divided into 10 Contubernia of 8 men each.

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Looking over Legionnaire there's a number of things that get to me, but this being comic book based I can survive them. I'd just like to note that Cassius is truly a mountain of Roman at his height; Julius Ceasar was noted to be tall and striking, at about 5'1' or so.

And I finally managed to type out a decent post. Given how Cassius has thus far come across to her I can't see Alex minding doing her best to pound the stuffing out of him sparring.

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I hope you don't mind the little 'flashback' there; giant robots are just the sort of thing Golden Age Nazi mad scientists liked to whip out. And Captain Wonder got around.

Indeed it is, and giant robots was one of the things he did (as well as death rays and size-altering beams) ;)

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