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Monsters under the Bed (OOC)

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Uhmm OOC chat for anything that's needed? It's an open thread but I can't see why anyone but another student would be there >.> If you can figure out a way feel free ^^

Also, I noticed that most of the dorms at Claremont for Freshmen/Sophmores have roommates. Keira's a sophomore so if any other girl students out there want a roommate...

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I'm wonderin if you'd accept a donations of a new pinball machine instead (or two or three)?

Once I finally get my application PC Chazal approved I had planned on having him visit Claremont anyway (though not exactly to repair pinball machines :P) plus he'd investigate Keira sooner or later due to her shadow powers (as he will want to establish if she's "related" to Nacht-Krieger), so perhaps they'll have met before when he does so, though both will probably be unaware of that.


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Nacht-Krieger is a villain from the Freedom City sourcebook and one of the few remaining Nazi supers - though he is less Nazi and decidedly more crazy these days. He is essentially a living shadow and draws his powers from the Schattenwelt (Shadow-world) dimension, the same source my PC Chazal (unwittingly) accesses for some of his powers.

(It's also an extremely stupid name, but that is an entirely different matter. :) )

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That's cool. I figured if it became important that the way Kizzy's powers work would eventually find a way. I <3 mutants so as my hero, she's one. No idea how the powers themselves work though. Perhaps she does the same thing (ish) that the crazy nazi does :P. Sometime at the end of this story I plan on adding Summon (shadows) or Animate Shadows or something once she realizes it can be done. It'd be nifty to add a shadow form too, but I don't think you can put a container in an array..? M&M is still new to me >

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