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Skaere Tactics

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Sorry for the lame title lol


Looking for a thread for my werewolf Skaere. Just wanna put some feelers out and see if anyone would be interested. She's a brand new PC so I don't have anywhere to put her. No affiliations of note. If anyone is interested in GMing and/or playing with her it would be awesome! 

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Well I want her to pick up some allies and affiliations. obviously. I don't want her being a lone wolf forever. (yay puns)


I kind of want her to stay more toward the supernatural side of everything, being a werewolf and all. I don't know what Mindsteel really gets himself into. For her first thread I was kind of hoping to maybe get a couple of other heroes involved? See how she meshes with them. I really just need place for her to start at this point.

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I'm looking for more thread for Cho, granted the supernatural is really not even remotely related to her. In fact, outside of Glamazon (who is a demigodess) and Tsunami (I believe her powers are magical, correct me if I am wrong), Cho has had very little, if any exposure at all to the supernatural and magical. Both do share the unfortunate 'blessing' of freaky powers but with Cho it is a lot more subtle (since she can't go around vaporizing people and so far the issue of mental stability hasn't been brought up with her, so the whole monster thing is much, much less of an issue, if even ever going to be one at all). If anything, she'd probably be pretty confused and weirded out finding out that werewolves are actually real.


I would assume a werewolf is a much more street-level (and urban fantasy)-inclined character and Cho certainly fits in the former for now when she's not doing things with Claremont students.

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Yeah. I don't know much about what Cho usually gets up to. I wouldn't be against them working together on occassion or even just running into each other.


 But your assessment of Charlie is probably accurate. Urban fantasy inclined and more supernatural. Not quiet sure if going after bank robbers would be her thing but... I don't think she would ignore a crime in progress.That's just not the type of stuff I want her normally involved in. 


I do want her to get to know other heroes. Branch out.

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