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Rage, Rage Against Heaven


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I am planning a character that is to be a nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel. Mythologically, Heaven has a hate-on for nephilim; part of the moral justification of Noah's Flood was to wipe out the last of them.

I want to keep that animosity a part of the character. On the other hand, we do have an actual angel rattling around somewhere and more than a few characters (and players) who have positive interactions with the denizens of Fluffy Cloud Land.

So I'm looking for a way to integrate these ideas. I still want to keep the antagonism, but the killy-killy-smite part clearly won't work.

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Well, offhand...


-Make it so that historically, nephilim (who are almost assuredly the offspring of fallen angels, since we've set up in FCverse that non-fallen angels can totes have kids with saints in Heaven) are generally pretty bad folks. And because of their nature they can be quite destructive; just about like having a half-Kryptonian running amok in a world with WW1 technology (as an example of how badly stacked the odds are). This gives reason behind the animosity beyond "they're part angel and part human", since that's....also what Heyzel is.

Even if they're not literal demon-spawn, the angel parent would be someone who likely is on the run for one reason or another; while I'm not well-versed in nephilim-related lore (and don't recall that as a primary motivator for the Flood), it would be logical that the rule against them exists for a reason.

The destructive potential would be that reason, I bet.

-Make it so Heaven does the 'I am watching you' thing really heavily. If they're not sending kill-squads, they're basically waiting in the wings, for just one bigger mistake, to justify it. If your character is going to be a hero through and through, they might well be the very first one. Power corrupts, and power from an already-corrupted source, singing in your metaphorical ears since birth, can corrupt even easier.


Perhaps holy ground is uncomfortable for the character. Any PCs with close ties to Heaven are explicitly warned about them, and thus might be hostile, or strongly suspicious, at first meeting.


Basically, make it an incredible uphill battle, with the hope of "not having the Heavenly Sword of Damocles over my head" far away for the character.

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Well for reasons I don't want to get into, having the character's divine parent as a fallen angel wouldn't really work.

How about this scenario: there haven't been nephilim for eons, since FC's version of the Hyperborean Age. Back then they were the major badasses around, as you said like Superman in WWI. Being prone to all the vices of humanity, many nephilim became power-hungry, greedy, and just plain evil tyrants, abusing their divine powers. They've all been wiped out by now and Heaven's been watching to make sure that no more pop up. Now that one has, she's being watched very closely to make sure she doesn't fall into the bad habits of her predecessors.

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