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Looking for PL7-8 Characters, Superpowered Crime Spree in West End


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Allright, I'm doing it. I'm jumping into GMing, since he who risk nothing get nothing. Or something. This should be a pretty simple, hopefully not too long thread. Mostly because I need to 'warm up' my GMing skills before tackling something more complex.


There's been a slight upsurge in gang activities in the West End. What's unusual is that once small-time criminals have seemingly gotten their hands on superpowers. What's unusual is that witnesses and police say that the gang members exhibited different abilities whenever they commited a crime. Currently there is no explanation as to why or how they have such volatile powers. 

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Glow's a PL9 at the moment (because I'm lazy and haven't done updates to make her PL10 in waaaaay too long), so probably a little higher than the range you're looking for... but I figured I'd toss her name in the ring seeing as nobody else has stepped forward yet! :D


I think that, beside you, I might have somebody else. I wouldn't mind ONE character with a higher PL. More would be pushing it, however.

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Currently the following players are interested;

  • HG Morrison (Glamazon, discussed in pm/chat))
  • Scuffles (Glow)
  • Raveled (TNTeen, approval pending)
  • TheAbsurdist (Errant)

That might be a bit too many players. I'll see who is still available before starting.

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