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possible villain swap out


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I'm not super happy with Red Queen, for I think several reasons; for a player like me, I don't think simple greed is a good character motivation, plus she's a little too Iron Age for my taste and possibly even this campaign. I was thinking of making a hero, but when I saw we have only ten villainous PCs (Imposter and Nano have sort of switched dancing partners), I didn't want to limit those numbers even more.

Then I remembered a character I've developed for my comic named Vance Carver, who's more in the Sweeney Todd/Count of Monte Cristo mode of somewhat sympathetic yet ruthless villain focused on revenge. Vance is a subtle telepath who primarily focuses on memory alteration in the comic, but could be more traditional here on the site, with mental blasts and the like. Also one of his hands constantly secretes poison (normally covered by a glove), but it has a variable effect based on length of contact, either Paralysis or Death (which he tries to avoid). In the comic, he even starts in prison, which could fit the bill for at least two storylines I've heard people discuss here.

I don't want to mess up any storylines RQ is currently in, so I couldn't bring in Vance until those are finished, but I just wanted to see what people thought of this concept.

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I think the concept sounds fine to me. You could build the poison hand as an array with a Power Loss Drawback describing what you want.

And thanks for hanging on the RQ until any current stories are finished. I'm sure the other players appreciate it too.

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