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Back in the 1970s, Professor Arne Saknussemm of the University of Aarhus made a deeply controversial discovery - an Anglo-Saxon burial mound deep in the forests of Norrland in northern Sweden which Saknussemm claimed was the tomb of the mytho-historical figure Unferth. The mound, though looted some years earlier, contained a spot for a man of high rank and some of the surviving grave goods that would have been buried with a man of wealth and power in one of the old Anglo-Saxon courts some fifteen hundred years ago. The other spot, left unlooted, was that of a woman in the dress of a volvur, an Anglo-Saxon witch - rather odd given that they were generally not particularly esteemed by the warchiefs of the period. 


The inhabitants of the local village, a Lapp community, tell the story of how once, many centuries earlier, a woman of great power came to the north and sunk herself and her lover deep beneath the earth - and Saknussem used linguistic evidence (as well as writings found in the mound itself) to argue that this was the historical Unferth and an unknown bride. It's easy enough to hit JSTOR and find black and white pictures of the interior of the tomb, including a painted 'upper room' that resembles depictions of the Christian Hell. 

Saknussemm's theories, particularly the idea that the story of Beowulf was a historical one referring to real historical actors, were not widely regarded by the contemporary academic community, and he never gained the prominence he sought as a scholar. 

Elanor remembers this with particular detail because it was actually in the news some months earlier - Arne Saknussem was the victim of one of Denmark's very rare murders over the summer; his body was found hacked to pieces in his office (which had been looted) in Aarhus, as if someone had chopped him to death with a Viking-style ax. The local police blamed Aesir cultists. 

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Right!  Rolling Knowledge (History) to try and figure out what the Ancient Hill might be!  Luckily, Stronghold has Jack of All Trades, so...


Well, that was slightly embarassing.  10 probably isn't enough, so...


Oh, c'mon, Orokos!


So, Stronghold has 1 Hero Point left and a Knowledge (History) result of 10.  She will be hitting the books more after this adventure!

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Knowledge (History) to know what the Ancient Hill refers to: 29.


Per AA:

CT knows they are on Happanuk Hill in Wharton State Forest.

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Fast-Forward: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392227/ 39
Unferth: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392228/ 23
Cobalt Templar: 19

Medea: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392232/ 17

Shadowblade: 17

Temperance: 13

Stronghold: 9


Well, okay! Fast-Forward is going to go ahead and target Medea, who he knows perfectly well is the greater threat. He can't use anything from the Tome of Theurgy without hitting her, however, so instead he has to just run past her and punch her. 


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392236/ = 23 


That hits, using the stats I'm currently using for Medea. It exceeds her defense by 5 (using his Autofire attack) so +2 is added. DC 27 Tou save!


http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392237/ = 13! 

Well, I'm certainly not ready for that! OK, so Medea is bruised and dazed (and Fast-Forward, now about fifty feet on the other side of the clearing, gets an HP) 




attempts to Startle Stronghold: http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392239/ = 34 

OK, DC 34 to resist that... 

He will go ahead and All Out/Power Attack for +5 to try and intimidate the heroes even further

http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/4392240/ = 16 

...well, that's not good. 

DC 36 Tou save. 

Does anyone have Interpose who can take that hit for her? 

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CT doesn't, and his turn is going to be spent cutting the hostage free. 

It sounds like the turn after that might be him laying into Unferth, though....


Speaking of, if he's going to move up and cut the ropes, would you require any sort of checks or anything?

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Right then. 


Free Action: Switch Holy Fire Control to Rain of Fire (Blast 12)

Move Action: Move to stand between Medea and the park ranger.

Standard Action: Use Precise Shot 2 to shoot the ropes off so the ranger is free for evac. 

Free Action: Extra Effort! Surge for another Standard Action!

Standard Action: Ranged Attack vs Unferth. 25. That'll be a DC 27 Toughness Save.

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Shadowblade is going to follow CT's plan for now - teleport up to the park ranger, grab her and continue the jump with Turnabout, and get her as far clear as I can this round with my 400' jump.

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