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Reclaiming the Land (OOC)


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Okay, with Ulysses able to move all-out and Miss Grue limited to normal moves to keep her blending concealment active, both will be arriving at the same time.  (Tsunami will be following shortly after, for while she can cover the distance between the two points quickest while she was in the water, it took her a bit longer to get into the water).


I will need a notice check for each of you please.


Also Tiff, Mother Unit's Datalink range is only 5 miles, the ship, being back in Freedom City, is well outside that range.

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Would you say there's enough wall and movement where there needs to be for me to run up it and kick off it to attack the hovering pair? If not can i manage to catch em with a super breath cone in such a way as to knock them against a none demolished part of the building? Assuming i can just run up and back down the fence rather than have to make a entrance.

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You certainly have enough movement to run over the fence, through the yard and up part of the wall, but even then your running long jump is only 22', and they are further than that from the walls. 


The angle is probably wrong to try to blow the two flying girls into a wall, but you could at least try to blow them in the direction of the plant.

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Okay, Tsunami arrives and gets an 18 for initiative.

Round Two

18 Tsunami (unharmed, 2 HP)
11 Clover (unharmed)
9 Crimson (unharmed)
9 Tundra (unharmed)
8 Ulysses (unharmed, 1HP)
7 Miss Grue (unharmed, 2 HP)

Tsunami will stunt an alt power off of her Swimming: Flight 4 (Flaw: Platform), and she will be fatigued at the end of the round. She will move over towards the scene and just observe to try to figure out what is going on.

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Clover is going to try to use her Create Object to try and bind Miss Grue’s arms to her sides, so DC 20 Reflex save for Miss Grue to avoid that.

Clover will then blast at Miss Grue, hitting with a 25, so Miss Grue has a DC 27 toughness save as well.

Tundra meanwhile is going to send a blast of bits of rock and pavement at Ulysses, but will miss with an 11.

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