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Hunting Down the Drug Sources

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Reflexion was sitting on his motorcycle in dark alley while he watched some movie clips from his PDA. Thank to his photographic reflexes he can instantly learn any physical skills by single sight. But his photographic reflexes is quit limited because he have easier to forgot the physical skills as he instantly learn it. So he always need to watch the movies clips several times to keep his photographic memory in sharp. Now he watched the movie clips of Bowman who is fighting against robot with his bow and arrows. Reflexion consider him as one of the most skilled archer than he have seen so therefor he like to mimic his archery skills.

After he have stopped watched his PDA, he standing up from his motorcycle and slowly peeking out from the dark alley. He have recently heard about some people have bought some MAX drugs around this area and he think it is connected to The Labyrinth. He took out a bag from his motorcycle. Inside the bag, it contain black leather trench coat and a disguise kit. He have planned to disguise as shady man and tried to lure out the drug dealer. He putting on his black coat and then he removed his mask so that he can put on the fake face on himself.

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It took him time to putting on his mask on and then he putting on his wigs. He took out a small mirror and looked at his disguise, it was clearly that his disguise was perfect.

"Testing, testing..." He said as he tried to find a suitable voice until he got a darker and shady voice.

"Good... No it is time to hunting down the drug sources..." He said as he covered his motorcycle with bunch of boxed and bags before he walking out from the dark alley. Now he only need to find suspecting person who is seem to be selling drugs.

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Wilhelm trudged along one of the many narrow alleys to found in the Fens, though no one was likely to recognize him for who he was. After all he was currently Jack Doyle, likely to soon also be better known as Jackhammer, a broad shoulder, slightly squat and unshaven figure. As Jack he could do a couple of things von Treissen or Howard really shouldn't be connected too; like messing in any way with the ground level of drug trafficking.

He'd managed to sniff out a few leads earlier on, and now he was going to have a go at following one. Doyle was ought to look at least somewhat like someone who'd be a possible buyer for the physically boosting drug MAX, and hopefully someone would catch up on that.

MAX was quite a lucrative trade for those who controlled it, but since the Exile wasn't one of those, or directly connected to them either, Wilhelm felt quite secure having a go at building a little credibility for himself as 'Jackhammer' having a go at cracking down on a bit of this trade. Moreover he needed the exercise, mentally that is, and possibly more importantly; it sounded like it could be fun masquerading as a hero for a little while.

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Reflexion is keep walking around the street as he keeping watch for drug dealers. It may not be easy to find one of them because they tried to keep low file from the police.

After a while he spotted a suspected fellow who possible look like a drug dealer. He need to be careful about because they may get suspected. He walked to the him as he said, "Hi! Do you know where I can get something that make me stronger". As he talking to the disguised Exile.

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