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Avalon® - The Vestige - Villain

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Players Name: Avalon®

Power Level: 11 (151 PPs)

Unspent PPs: 0

Characters Name: The Vestige

Alternate Identity: Winston Pikes

Height: 5’ 11â€Â

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair: Short, tussled brown hair with red highlights

Eyes: Brown eyes

Description: Even though they can take on almost any human form, The Vestige usually takes on the form of their host body, that of Winston Pikes. This body stands at nearly six feet tall with a body that has scars in nearly every part of his body except for his face.

History: The collective entity known as The Vestige all have their origins at the dawn of time. The entities that comprise The Vestige: Karsus, Savnok, Chupoclops, Amon, Leraje, and Zycerryl were all once beings who wielded immense power but upon their various demises, neither proceeded to one of the various heavens or hells but instead they came to reside in a place beyond the Cosmic Coil.

Karsus was a great magical prodigy during Atlantean times who was slated to become the next master mage at the time. But even this amount of power was not enough for him. He wanted more. Crafting a spell to gain the combined power of an entire pantheon of gods, he attained cosmic power powerful enough to strike down his predecessor but his mortal frame could not handle the power. As soon as he had finished his predecessor, Karsus began to absorb the remaining ambient magical energy released upon his predecessor’s death but that proved to be too much and resulted in a cataclysmic disaster that wiped out both Atlantis and Lemuria.

Savnok was a warrior without peer. Living only to fight again, he traveled from one battlefield to another looking for the strongest warrior. On one of his travels he came upon the remnants of the cities of Sodom and Gommorah and found out the true reason and cause of their destruction. Searching through their ruins, he came across a vault the height of ten men which contained a multitude of weapons, any one of which could level a kingdom.

The Vestige


Str: 14 (+2) 4 pts.

Dex: 16 (+3) 6 pts.

Con: 16 (+3) 6 pts.

Int: 14 (+2) 4 pts.

Wis: 14 (+2) 4 pts.

Cha: 12 (+1) 2 pts.

Attack: +6 (12 pp)

Defense: +6 (12 pp)

Initiative: +7


Toughness: +3

Fortitude: +7 (4 pts)

Reflex: +7 (4 pts)

Will: +5 (3 pts)

Skills: 16 pp

Acrobatics 12/+15

Diplomacy 6/+7

Knowledge – Arcane Lore 10/+12

Notice 10/+12

Search 8/+10

Stealth 10/+13

Survival 8/+10

Feats: Acrobatic Bluff, Blind-fight, Defensive Attack, Dodge Focus, Elusive Target, Fearless, Improved Initiative, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Notice, Stealth, Survival), Uncanny Dodge 2 (Visual, Auditory)


Comprehend 4 (Speak any one language at a time, Read any language) 3 pp

Regeneration 3 (Power Feat: Regrowth) - 3 pp

- True Resurrection 1/week

Morph 4 (Any Humanoid, Extra: Continuous Duration) – 12 pp

Vestiges – Array 45 (Flaw: Unreliable, Drawback: Distracting)


Corrosive Touch Array 15 (Power Feat: Accurate, Drawback: Full Power)

Corrosion (10 ranks) 30 pp

AP: Drain 5 (All Powers with the Magical Descriptor, Extras: Affects Object, No Saving Throw) 1 pp

Magic 12 - 31 pp

-Dynamic Base Power: Flight 3 & Force Field 8 (Extra: Impervious 10)

-DAP: Teleport 7 (Power Feat: Change Direction, Easy, Turnabout; Extra: Accurate)

-DAP: Nether Blast 10 (Power Feat: Accurate x2, Affects Insubstantial, Precise)

-DAP: ESP 6 (Full Sensory)

Detect Magic (Mental, Normal Range, Acute, Analytical) 4 pp

Boost Magic [10 ranks, Extra: Free Action, Flaw: Personal, Limited: Only after successful Drain All Powers with the Magical Descriptor, Power Feat: Slow Fade 1 (1 minute)] 6 pp

Enhance Feat (Ritualist) 1 pp

Enhanced Skill (Knowledge – Arcane Lore 4) 1 pp

Enhanced Intelligence 16 – 16 pp


Counter Helix – Damage Aura (1 rank, Power Feat: Mighty) 5 pp*

Vault of Gommorah – Weapon Summoning (12 ranks, Power Feat: Affects Insubstantial x2, Flaw: Limited Dismissal) 17 pp

Base: Cae Bolg – Strike (3 ranks, Power Feat: Mighty, Range x3 (20 ft.), Extra: Penetrating) & Enhanced Feat: Improved Critical x2 (Cae Bolg)

AP: Hrunting – Strike (8 ranks, Extra: No Saving Throw)

AP: Enkidu – Snare (11 ranks, Power Feat: Chokehold, Tether)

AP: Rain of Weapons – Damage [10 ranks, General Cylinder Area, Progression x4 (100 ft radius)]

Protection 8 (Extra: Impervious 11, Drawback: Noticeable) 18 pp

Enhanced Attack 5 - 10 pp

Enhanced Defense 3 – 6 pp

Enhanced Skill 8 (Sense Motive 16, Bluff 16) 8 pp

Enhanced Feat 12 (Accurate Attack, All-out Attack, Assessment, Dodge Focus, Instant Up, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Takedown Attack, Taunt, Weapon Bind, Weapon Break) – 12 pp

Enhanced Strength 12 – 12 pp

Speed 2 – 2 pp


Growth 8 (Extra: Continuous, Flaw: Permanent) 24 pp

Mobility Array – Array (5 ranks) 11 pp

Base: Flight 5 (250 MPH, Power Loss: If unable to flap wings) 9 pp

AP: Swimming [6 ranks; (50 MPH); Power Feat: Environmental Adaptation (Aquatic)] & Enhanced Immunity (3 ranks; Drowning, Cold and Pressure)

Protection 8 – 8 pp

Enhanced Feat 12 (Attack Focus – Melee, Dodge Focus, Fearsome Presence 8, Improved Grab, Improved Grapple) – 12 pp

Enhanced Skill 2 (Intimidate 8) – 2 pp

Enhanced Strength 10 – 10 pp

Regeneration 9 (Recovery +2, Bruised 3, Injured 3, Disabled 1) – 9 pp

Super-strength 7 – 14 pp


Amon: Hellfire Control 15

Base: Hellfire Blast 10 (Extra: Line Area)

AP: Ignite 10

AP: Nauseate 7 (Extra: Perception Range)

AP: Dazzle 10 (Visual and Mental senses)

Enhanced Skills 16 (Bluff 16, Diplomacy 10, Intimidate 16, Knowledge – Theology and Philosophy 6, Sense Motive 16) – 16 pp

Enhanced Charisma 12 – 12 pp

Enhanced Feats 5 [Distract (Bluff, Intimidate), Fascinate (Bluff, Diplomacy), Skill Mastery (Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Sense Motive)] – 5 pp

Protection 3 – 3 pp

Horns – Strike 1 (Power Feat: Mighty) – 2 pp

Detect Fears (Ranged, Acute, Analyze) – 4 pp

Divine Awareness – 1 pp

Immunity (Fire effects) – 10 pp

Environmental Control 2 (Extreme Heat) – 4 pp


Leraje: Invisibility (Power Feat: Close Range, Flaw: Blending, Passive) – 3 pp

Weapon Summoning 12 – 25 pp

Base: Hail of Arrows – Blast 6 (Extra: Autofire, Penetrating)

AP: Deadly Shot – Blast 7 (Extra: Insidious, Power Feat: Improved Range x2, Subtle)

Bird’s Eye Viewing – ESP 5 (Visual Sense and Hearing, Extra: Simultaneous, Flaw: Feedback) – 15 pp

Enhanced Dexterity 10 – 10 pp

Enhanced Skills 10 (Acrobatics 4, Climb 8, Knowledge – Earth Sciences 8, Knowledge – Life Sciences 8, Notice 6, Search 8, Stealth 6, Survival 8) – 14 pp

Enhanced Feats 11 (Attack Focus – Ranged 8, Dodge Focus 8, Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Aim, Move-by Action, Precise Shot 2, Ranged Pin) – 23 pp


Zycerryl: Flight 1 (Extra: Continuous) – 3 pp

Telepathy Array 10 (Power Feat: Subtle x2) - 27

Base: Telepathy 10

AP: Emotion Control 10

AP: Stun 5 (Extra: Perception Range)

AP: Illusion 5 (All sense types)

AP: Confusion 10 (Extra: Perception Range)

AP: Mental Blast 5

Warp Field [Force Field 8 (Impervious 10) & Shield 4] – 22 pp

Maddening Whispers – Drain Will Save 6 (Extra: Aura, Burst Area, Sustained Duration) – 30 pp

Enhanced Will Save 8 – 8 pp



Persona Trigger (Involuntary Transformation with very common frequency and moderate intensity) - 4 pts

Persona Triggers:

Amon: Targeted by an effect with the fire descriptor

Karsus: Seeing items of mystical power, such as fetishes and charms

Savnok: Facing someone who fights with a weapon in melee (rather than unarmed)

Leraje: Attacked by someone from a distance more than a double move away

Chupoclops: Grappled by someone

Zycerryl: Subject to mental domination or control


Obsession (Magic)

Hatred (Organized Religion)

Rivalry (Magic Users)


*Counter Helix only takes effect on anyone who strike or grapples Savnok or strikes his with a melee weapon but does not take effect when he attacks unarmed or when attempting to grapple.

*Code of Honor

• Never back-down from a challenge

• Always confront the most powerful enemy first

Note: The power sets of Karsus, Savnok, Amon, Leraje, Chupoclops, and Zycerryl are treated as though they were Alternate form 18 with a sustained duration.

Costs: Abilities (26) + Combat (24) + Saves (11) + Skills (16) + Feats (10) + Powers (68) - Drawbacks (4) = Total Cost 151

This is the revamped versiono of Persona. The crunch is done but I'm feeling a bit burned out on the fluff.

Have at it guys.

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Comprehend 4 (Speak any one language at a time, Read any language) 3 pp

Being able to read and speak one language at a time requires 2 ranks, costing 4 PPs.


Regeneration 3 (Power Feat: Regrowth) - 3 pp

- True Resurrection 1/week

This is only Regeneration 1. "Regeneration 1 [Extra] - 3 PPs"


Vestiges – Array 45 (Flaw: Unreliable, Drawback: Distracting)

Just so you are aware, if the entire Array is both Unreliable and Distracting (a Flaw, not a Drawback), then you are distracted every time you use any of the powers in the array, and you only have a 50% chance for any of the powers in the array to work. You will need to roll the d20 every time you activate a power, since each "vestige" is just one giant array slot. Every power is getting the discount, so every power is affected. Is that what you wanted, because that sounds like a really bad idea?

Also, 45 Ranks of Array with -2 worth of flaws would cost 22.5 PPs . . . which is impossible.


Comprehend 4 (Speak any one language at a time, Read any language) 3 pp

Regeneration 3 (Power Feat: Regrowth) - 3 pp

- True Resurrection 1/week

Morph 4 (Any Humanoid, Extra: Continuous Duration) – 12 pp

Vestiges – Array 45 (Flaw: Unreliable, Drawback: Distracting)

I could not get this to add up to 68 PPs (which is how many PPs you have listed for powers) any way I tried.


AP: Drain 5 (All Powers with the Magical Descriptor, Extras: Affects Object, No Saving Throw) 1 pp

We don't allow the "No Saving Throw" extra ever. And besides, it is almost a complete waste on Drain anyway.


-DAP: Nether Blast 10 (Power Feat: Accurate x2, Affects Insubstantial, Precise)

I assume this is just blast . . . is that correct?


Boost Magic [10 ranks, Extra: Free Action, Flaw: Personal, Limited: Only after successful Drain All Powers with the Magical Descriptor, Power Feat: Slow Fade 1 (1 minute)] 6 pp

We have never approved a Boost affect bought with the slow fade extra, and I am not inclined to do it here. Also, keep in mind that no Boost effect can ever exceed PL by more than +2 as per our game rules.


Counter Helix – Damage Aura (1 rank, Power Feat: Mighty) 5 pp*

In order to get what you want here, you have to buy the Aura extra on your Str bonus as well. You would also have to pay for your Str damage bonus to be Sustained as well.


AP: Hrunting – Strike (8 ranks, Extra: No Saving Throw)

No to the No Saving Throw extra.

I'm still working my way through all the powers, but I wanted to let you know #3 right away.

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Thanks for replying Barnum.

Now for the responses:

1. Yup. I seem to have it in my head that Comprehend costs one pp per rank. I'll think of something to change there.

2. Must be a typo. I'll edit that later.

3. I'm just going by the way flaws and distractions are handled for the array structure in p. 110-111 of UP. Unreliable is listed as a flaw where changing the array is unreliable. If I fail the roll then it is stuck in the current AP and doesn't change. The distracting is a drawback since it only applies when I change the configuration of the array.

4. I'll recalculate the point costs for The Vestige's powers then, though I think the only thing that is costed incorrectly is the comprehend.

5. I've already seen some characters in the databank that have the No Saving Throw extra like Icarus. Besides, the powers where that extra was applied were all staged effects so all that means is that they recieve at least the minimum effect associated with the power and not an all-out KO.

6. Yup, that's just a blast.

7. I'll be using the boost just to increase the number of pp I can use on my magic array since all the powers are dynamic. I'll remove the slow fade feat then.

8. My bad on that. I'll find something to replace it then.

9. See my comment for number 5.

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3. I understand that, I just don't think that it is worth a -1 Flaw in your case because 1) there are other ways to force a change in your array (your triggers) and 2) each of your array slots contain a litany of offensive, defensive, and other powers (each is essentially its own superhero). I'm not sure that having a chance of getting stuck with access to only one character (as almost every other character here) is worth a -1 Flaw.

And yes, I just missed the the Drawback version of Distracting. Even with it being 2 pts. though, I still can't get your powers to add up to 68 (even when correcting for Comprehend's cost).

4. Yes, that is unfortunate. And you'll also notice that it was before my time. I will never approve a character with the No Save extra. Sorry.

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If it seems that this character will seem too troublesome, I can post another character by tommorow or monday.

This is obviously a "troublesome" character, simply due to the long and convoluted nature of the build, but that is not why I have written what I have written.

If you had a Light Control array with a Blast and a Dazzle power, and because of your unreliable flaw, your power frequently got stuck on the Dazzle setting, that would be one thing. But with your build even when you get "stuck" on a particular setting, that array slot is fully beefed out with attack powers, defensive powers, and other misc. powers. That just isn't worth a -1 Flaw, IMO. It isn't worth giving you double the available points in the array. I probably would say no to such a Flaw on a Blast array where the main slot was penetrating and the alt power had Autofire instead. It just isn't a -1 Limitation, IMO.

So, though there is no doubt that long, convoluted builds take *much* longer to get approved, that isn't the source of my objections.

For what that's worth . . .

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