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Independent Threats

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Cassandra stood there stunned for a moment as what just happened washed over her.  When her mind finally caught up, she found herself already pushing her way through the crowds towards the source of the gunshot.  She wasn't a practicing medical doctor, butt she knew more than enough to stabilize someone long enough for a true EMT to get on site.  Please let them be okay.  she pleaded mentally as she found her progress through the crowd to be painfully slow. She tried to follow in Jessica's wake, as she seemed to have an easier time getting through the crowd. 

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The heroes rushed towards the sound of the gunshot, even as the crowd recoiled form it. For once Jessica found her height useful, as she was able to stand a couple rows back from the scene of the accident and still see what was happening.

The police quickly formed a cordon and made a hole for medics -- on hand for the runners -- to get to the bleeding officer. "What the hell happened, kid," an officer with chevrons on his uniform asked.

MacKay gritted his teeth as the EMTs cut away his pants leg. "Not sure, Sarge. Was just standing there, when I heard the gunshot. Then my leg started hurting..."

"That's just the beginning of what'll happen to you." Heads turned as a booming voice came out of the crowd, and suddenly people were rushing away from a second source -- a blazing blue fire! Jessica stood on her tip-toes and was able to see a large, broad-shouldered man dressed all in white pull a pointed hood over his face. Blue fire leapt from his fingers, and he laughed theatrically. "On this day I, White Knight, will burn away the impurities in this city. Today you'll learn the sort of lessons this nation is really founded on!"

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That was Jessica's cue. She touched her watch and armored up in a blaze of light, rising on thrusters and settling down in front of White Knight. "Right, you've been out of prison for a couple weeks already? Already so eager to return to Blackstone?"

The burning man sneered at the armored heroine. "Don't think I'm all alone here. I have a whole squad of men, ready to retake the city."

"She's not alone, either." As the crowd streamed out of the plaza, the rest of the police formed a semi-circle around the flaming supercriminal, weapons drawn. "Just step down right now, Foreman, and this can all be painless."

White Knight sneered at the weaponry aimed at him. "I told you I had help. Did you think that gun went off on its own!?"

The demonically-powered Klansman looked to the edge of the plaza, where several young men in white tee-shirts bearing anarchy symbols and swastikas had congregated. One of them made a pistol from his fingers and pointed at the police sergeant, who was in the process of turning to consider the new threat. The young man pointed his fingers and 'fired' -- and the sergeant's weapon discharged, the bullet barely missing another officer.

White Knight laughed again. "You see? The more guns you bring against me, the more powerful I'll become!"

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Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief when she saw on honest to go EMT already on scene treating the injured man.  But now she had the problem of trying to find the shooter. 


That part would be significantly easier than treating a bullet wound as it would happen, as the White Knight made his presence known. 


Well that escalated quickly.  thought Cassandra darkly to herself as she began eyeing the crowd looking for a quick place to change.  Unfortunately, at an even like this there were hundreds of people milling about and now that a meta-fight was about to break out, everyone would be scattering to every nook and cranny, meaning she wouldn't have any place to privately Max-out.  Cassandra tried to get away from the crowds to try and find someplace to Max-out away from prying eyes, putting her faith that Ironclad could keep a lid on things for a few moments.

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