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Another Claremont Thread

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When first making a thread(or in Full Edit) there is a box in the upper left where you input tags. You input them by writing out the word you want to tag(such as Jack of all Blades) then hit , and write the next one. Next to the box on the right is a small checkbox that when clicked makes the first tag the one that prefixes the thread.

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In fact, you can edit your first post, using the full editor, in order to add/modify tags!


You need to press comma even if you don't intend on writting another tag. When you press comma, the tag will appear enclosed by a rectangle, indicating that the tag has been created successfully


Also, if you hit space between two words, with no comma in between, and input the comma after the second word, the tag will be comprised of the two words together (Typing ''Claremont Academy, Errant, New York,'' for example, would create the tags:

  • Claremont Academy
  • Errant
  • New York



Hope this all helps :)

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