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Short Adventure: The Creeping Killers

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Adventure Name: "The Creeping Killers"

Adventure Start Date: I will begin on April 1st (possibly March 31st). The adventure itself will be taking place in late spring/early summer.

Location(s): North Freedom/Hanover, mostly.

Accepting: 3-5 Heroes, any PL. First pick for those characters who are not currently involved in any active adventures.

Estimated Length: Short. Some investigation work leading to a fight. Fight may be short or prolonged, depending on various factors. Once fight is wrapped up, some minor clean-up.

Details: See news report, here.

Player Roster:

1) Catherine Kato (PL 6)

2) Mongrel Angel (PL 6)




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Hmm, though Exile is technically a Villain he could fake a hero-persona in order to establish something of an "insider link" in the hero community.

It's actually something I've been thinking of doing for a while now; an intelligent shapeshifter with flexible powers and above average social skills might be able to try and pull it off. Besides, might make for some fun roleplaying.

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While a very cool idea (and one I certainly appreciate given my own character's good/evil straddling), I would prefer to keep this particular adventure fairly simple and straightforward, and so ask only for true heroes.

If there's a scarcity of applicants, though, I could be persuaded to alter my plans enough to allow Exile in ;)

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Certainly fully understandable that Exile in this case is something of a reserve option. So, in the case you just get a few other petitioners he'll get to have some action, otherwise he'll simply stay out of it. Fine with me.

And that smiley is up to something, I just know it.

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I'm a tad leery about letting in characters who are currently in an active adventure... but if I completely omitted them, I'd have a far smaller pool of potential players!

Would those of you who do not have a link to your characters in your sig kindly provide a link to them? It'd make things a tiny bit easier on me :)

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As I think more on it, I am going to give first shot to those characters who are not currently in an adventure. Seems fairest (to me) for those folks to get first crack at a new adventure. (And it cuts down on the "Wolverine Syndrome" ;) )

So, show of hands, who here is not currently in an active adventure? I know Legionnaire is in one (with my own character, no less); who else?

I'm guessing Nightshyft is free, seeing as how he was just approved.

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Exile isn't currently involved in anything, and the one thing he's going to be involved in (i.e start up) is likely going to wait until Avalon gets Vestige approved. But then again he's a bench sitter for this most likely.

Mongrel Angel isn't yet approved, but hopefully should be soon, so she'll likely be available.

Edit: Mongrel Angel just got approved, she's ready to have a first go at this Super Hero stuff.

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