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Catching Up


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Freedom City, Theater District

Monday, March 13, 2013

8:20 PM


In a flash of yellow, Velocity arrived at the rooftop of the Barbary Theatre in Freedom City’s Theater District.  The speedster was slightly early for her meeting with the teenager heroine Warp.  Ever since their first meeting at the theater just a few days after the Day of Wrath, it had served as a convenient place for the pair to meet for when they would patrol together.  They had met up a couple of times in late January and early February, but since mid-February, both their schedules had prevented them from being able to arrange a time to meet until tonight. 


For Velocity, the three or so weeks since she had last seen Warp had been incredibly taxing.  First there had been her business trip to Sweden, and the encounter with a former boyfriend, and his possible future selves.  In addition to dealing with the things that had been reveled during that trip, she had come back to trying to sort out what her feelings were regarding her current boyfriend, Kyle Conner and the hero Siphon, whom she had gone patrolling with a few times as well.  On top of that her work load at Summit had been particularly heavy, and while she could have handled it easily with her superspeed, she had to be careful about being too fast with completing tasks.


Right now, the young speedster was looking forward to a chance to catch some criminals and just forget about everything for a little bit.  The last few times she had seen Warp, the teenager had been doing just fine, having gotten past the feelings she had had after the Day of Wrath.  Hopefully there had been no major upheavals for the teen since, as Velocity was not certain how motivational she could be at the moment.

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For her part Warp was late by about a minute, taking the moment to make a joke and roll her eyes before closing the door to her dorm, locking it tight and making the full change into Warp. The air parted just above the Barbary Theater and Warp tumbled out of it, landing just as she pulled her hairtie out and vanished it back into the corner of folded space she hid the rest of her civvie clothes. "Sorry I'm late," she said, standing up straight and giving Velocity a sunny smile.

All said and done, it had been a quiet couple of weeks for Warp. A few thugs here frightened away by a show of entropy that would've made a sith lord proud there, a mugging here . . . Most of Warp's problems had been of the scholarly sort. A project neglected one day too long, a long, ongoing arrangement for extra credit in a class she had refused to take seriously until it was too late. Punching things was just stress relief, at this point. Warp smiled and raised her hand, clenched into a fist. "Ready to find some bad guys to hit?"

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Velocity looked over towards Warp as the teenager arrived, apologizing for being late.  The older heroine returned Warp's smile, though it was a bit more strained than usual.  "No need to apologize."  She stated.  "If anyone is truly 'late,' it would be me, as one thing or another has been keeping me too busy these last few weeks."


"How have you been?"  The speedster asked, though from what she could see, it certainly appeared as if things had at least been going relatively normal for the teenager.  "Hope your class load has not been too daunting or anything."

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Warp waved the question off. "Nothing out of the ordinary," she lied with a smile on her face, tucking her arms behind her head. Generally, Warp liked to keep school trouble out of the eyes of anyone who might say she'd be better off staying in to work on it, and more than anything right now all she really wanted was to hurt someone who deserved it.

Deflection, then. "And it's fine," Warp said, "I needed some time to touch up my history project anyway." It had only taken a few days but technically true. "Don't worry about it."

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Velocity gave a small nod as Warp mentioned things being fine at school.  Smiling a little more broadly, the speedster replied, "that's good to hear.  Saves me from having to try to come up with some kind of advice to offer on how to balance homework and heroing.  Generally, when it comes to questions about time management, I probably have very little to offer that would be useful for most people."


"So, with no looming prom drama or complaints about teachers that fail to understand that you do have other things going on in your life, I guess it's time to go find some bad guys."  She then stated.  "I was thinking may tonight we might start going through parts of midtown.  And if it seems quite, then maybe moving back towards the Fens or Southside?"

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Warp did her best to pass her relief off as general good cheer as the topic turned from her schoolwork. "Imagine so," she said, stretching her arms behind her back. "Plenty of heroes will be watching the fens anyway." So might as well focus on other places, try to catch a criminal trying to make the big score before heading off at the Fens to hit thugs and muggers. Warp could get behind that. "Just say the word."

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"Well, criminals aren't just going to wait for us to come arrest them..usually."  Velocity said with a small grin.  "So no sense in waiting any longer." 


"I figure we will head over to 40th, then generally follow that North, zig-zaging long other blocks as we go, then come back down 52nd if we don’t find anything."  She added. 


With the general plan set, the speedster was then off, zipping down the side of the theater and onto the street, heading off down the street to the east.  The speedster only went a couple of blocks before turning north at an intersection.  After a couple more blocks, she turned east again, repeating the process as she worked her way over towards the Liberty Dome, continuing on past that in the same pattern towards 40th Avenue.   


Velocity could easily have reached 40th Avenue in a moment, but moving as fast as she could did not really serve the purpose of patrolling.  So, there were quick bursts of speed, followed by points where she slowed down some, and even occasional stops for a short while ever dozen blocks or so, allowing her and Warp to keep in contact and to just wait in case there was anything taking place in the area.

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