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WNTW Channel 3 News -- May 20th, 2008

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"Our breaking story: shock rolled through Hanover today as a third mutilated body was found along the trails of the Promenade, one Alex McGee, a graduate student in zoology at Freedom City University. Police have released few details, save that, like the bodies of Eve O'Nell and Alvin Oates, the victims were severely burned by some type of acid. One eyewitness, a vagrant , claims to have seen the attackers, though upon questioning could not give any solid leads. Despite a small but vocal public outcry, Police Commissioner Barbara Kane has not assigned the STAR Squad to this case, claiming there is not yet enough evidence to suspect true superhuman activity, nor did she offer to comment on any link between these three FCU graduate students. All visitors to the Promenade are urged to travel in groups and only in well-lit areas, and to report any unusual activity as soon as it's seen...."

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