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Erin paid the bill without having to suppress a wince, something it was very nice to be able to do. She scrutinized the bill, of course, because just because you had money didn't mean you should throw it away, but then left an excellent tip before finishing her soda and standing up. "Thanks again for helping me out with this," she told him as they headed out of the restaurant. "Having somebody else around who isn't a shrink helped. And I think it helped her, too. It's a little weird that she doesn't remember Hex at all," Erin admitted, "but it's probably better that way. She likes you now." She did suppress a wince at that, but just a small one. Mark had a girlfriend now, and they'd already had the discussion about not hitting on doubles. Plus, they'd just talked about what a disastrous match any Erin and any Mark would make. Wasn't gonna happen.


"Anyway," she added, pausing on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant. "I really do owe you one. Just let me know." 

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