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Cardstock Modeling


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So my brother is playing around with all my city stuff that survived Game Day, and he says, "Why don't you make some Star Wars looking stuff?"

I responded as any sister should, "Make it yourself."

But then I got to thinking . . .

Here is my first try at some Star Wars-ish scenery. I'm not a big SW fan, and I haven't seen the movies in a good while, but I do remember all those hexagon hallways and doors (strange are the things that I remember).


So that is where I decided to start.

First, sketch out the pattern in PhotoShop:


It is not the most efficient design, but it does look SWish to me. I also wanted to make the "hexagon tunnels" elevated like they are in the movies. And besides, flat hallway tile are boring.

Print out the design on cardstock and begin cutting:


And cutting, and cutting. Then score (and reverse score where necessary) and fold and glue.


And glue.


And mount onto a scrap piece of foam core.



I think I am going to shorten the "walls" of the pattern by about 1/4 inch.

I still need to develop the "skin" that will go on the pattern. Shouldn't be that hard. I also need to make stairs going up, and perhaps a portal to go at the entrance so you can easily see that you are looking at a cutaway of a hexagon tube-like hallway.

Lots to do . . .

Any opinions from the Star Wars fans out there?

[Edit] This is not "full" size. Normal size for 1" miniatures will be about 1.5x larger than that. That will give 1" minis a quarter-inch "gutter" on each side of the hallway.

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I threw together a skin for the model from some existing textures I had:


Not perfect, but Star Wars-ish enough to get by for now.

Cutting and gluing and stuff. Notice the white trim that shows once paper has been scored and folded. Get rid of that with a black Sharpie (wide chisel-tip works the best for me).


The finished product!!

I still need to work on the bottom of the feet so they blend in with whatever basing I work out. Also, you can tell that I was using "school glue." It binds paper great, but it also has a high water content so on large surface binds (like folding paper over and gluing it), the paper warps. :-( I'll need to work on finding a better glue.


I also need to blend in the "side bolts" with the side pattern.


Getting there.

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