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Initiative for the six Grue ships:

1: 14

2: 12

3: 10

4: 9

5: 6

6: 3

Lor Ship:



Dragonfly: 23

Midnight: 21

Redbird: 16

Grue 1: 14

Jill O'Cure: 13

Grue 2: 12

Grue 3: 10

Grue 4: 9

Grue 5: 6

Grue 6: 3

Lor Ship: 0

Dragonfly is up!

The Grue ships have stats of

TOU: +12 (+12 Impervious)

and DEF: +12

vs targets aboard Nightdragon.

Their primary attack weapon is an ATK 7, DMG 17...well, you'll see what it does!

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Oh, Dragonfly. Why must your offensive array be so small?

Dragonfly stunts:

Snare 11 (Extras: Range [Perception], Transparent; Flaws: Action [Full-Round], Distracting) [22pp]

My kingdom for more pp to play with, here; building the power into an area attack big enough to encompass the whole Grue squad would be wonderful, but we'll make do. With their high damage bonus the target's likely to break out on their next action (unless those attacks are +Area!), but they'll waste their turn doing so and in the meantime, best case, they'll be set up to take a bad hit. Maybe. Hopefully.

Dragonfly attacks Grue Ship #1: DC21 Reflex save vs. Snare.

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All right, since Grue are acceptable targets, killing them is okay. But because Grue are a hive mind, digitizing them and cutting them off forever from the Unity is basically torture, and that is bad even on acceptable targets. So!

Transform 15 (one program to another program) (Extra: Range [Perception], Flaw: Action [Full], Distracting) {30/37}

Gina uses Extra Effort for a power stunt that will turn off the digitizing portion of the gun while allowing the vaporizing part of the gun to continue functioning. Hopefully that will continue to dissuade Grue and other unfriendlies from visiting while not adding to the Curator's collection.

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Try to ram us, will you.... :argh:

Mara turns her Snare on the ship (Grue 6?) that tried to ram them. DC21 Reflex vs. Snare.

EDIT: Informed in chat that they actually saved! Can't have that - surging (EDIT: extraordinary effort for 2xSurge, since it's a full-round power) to try again.

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Midnight II

Move Action: Auto-30 Startle vs. Grue Ship #2.

Standard Action: Attack Grue Ship #2 with Nightdragon's lasers; Power Attack 5. (1d20+9=28)

Hero Point: Stunt Improved Critical, making that DC 40.

Extra Effort: Surge.

Standard Action: Attack Grue Ship #3 with Nightdragon's lasers; Power Attack 5. (1d20+9=23) That's DC 35.


Standard Action: Evasive Maneuvers with Auto-22 Pilot check.

Move Action: Rendezvous with Quantum Singularity.

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