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Trawler's tables:

Gather Info:

DC 10 Trawler is an undersea salvage operator specializing in certain

rare and hard-to-find treasures, with no questions asked.

DC 15 The current Trawler isn’t the same man as the first user of the

advanced diving suit, in fact, she isn’t a man at all.

DC 20 Trawler is a diver and salvage specialist named Lianna

Macklin. She’s a devoted treasure-hunter and expert diver

without any scruples to get in the way of her profits.

DC 25 Lianna Macklin spends a great deal of her time and money in

various spots in the Caribbean, where she enjoys the high life

when not working.

Knowledge: Art:

Knowledge (art)

Those with knowledge of the fine arts may learn something about

Trawler’s involvement.

DC 20 A number of rare sunken treasures have turned up recently for

auction, coming from a treasure hunter called Trawler, who uses a

highly advanced diving suit to reach them deep under the oceans.

Profession (diver)

Anyone with training as a diver or in some related profession (GM’s

discretion) might have heard of Lianna Macklin.

DC 15 Lianna Macklin is an expert diver and undersea salvage

specialist who doesn’t ask questions and is more interested in

the hunt than anything else.

DC 20 Ms. Macklin hit it big recently; she’s using an advanced

diving suit to hit sites no one else can reach, and pulling

considerable finds out of the depths.

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Knowledge: Business

DC 20: Grant Pharmaceuticals is a relatively new, albeit extremely successful company, run by medical and biological 'whiz kid' Jonathan Grant. The company specializes in high-level genetic research and experimentation, but also has a contract to supply several of the mandated childhood vaccines for New Jersey and New York state. There are some rumors of unethical practices at the top, and some low-level employees were jailed after a sting by Foreshadow some years ago, but nobody's ever made anything stick against the big boss.
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Okay, here goes Crazy Wander, doing some crazy wandering!

Here's a power I haven't gotten a chance to use yet, Enhanced Speed 3, added to regular Speed 4, with Wall Walking II attached. That'll give her ten thousand feet in a move action that starts as she goes back out the window and runs down the side of the building.

She will pause at the door long enough to grapple up a security officer. Attack is a 21, grapple is wow, a 45. Yeah, he's not going anywhere soon.

Move-by action to continue with her move, down into the nearest subway station, cheerfully bowling over anyone who gets in her way.

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This is turning into "Nightmare Scenario" for Corbin, I think.

I'm going to say his Speed of Flame was already on Flight, as opposed to Space Flight. Because, you know, not in Space. ;)

Move Action: Catch up to Wander (100,000 is more than 10,000!).

Acrobatics Check: 25

Standard Action: Melee Attack to Initiate Grapple: 32. Whee, Natural 20! +5 to Grapple!

Grapple Check: 41

The goal here is to get the Guard safely out of Erin's arms. As in alive and with all major parts attached.

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Midnight II

Free Action: Arrange Gadgets.

Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile; Power Feat: Rapid 3) [7PP]

Mind Control 12 (Extras: Action 2 [Free Action]; Flaws: Duration [instant], Limited [Computers Only], Limited [One Command: Emergency Stop]; Power Feat: Subtle) [13PP]

Free Action: Stop the subway trains between stations.

Free Action: Activate Master Plan: Master Plan check. (1d20+15=19)

Hero Point: Reroll. With a 10+ roll that automatically gets into the 25+ range. (A mind controlled Erin is a possibility Trevor's had a lot of time to think about.) This is a +3 bonus on skill checks and attack rolls for the team.

Free Action: Fill meeting room with midnight mist.

Move Action: Move next to Renard Bleue.

Standard Action: Auto DC 35 Demoralize vs. Wander with Skill Mastery.

Also, for next round: Redbird Initiative. (1d20+3=15)

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Okay, Erin has lost her hostage, but not her hope! Her mission is righteous and true, after all!

Move Action Part One: Race back across the platform and up the stairs, up the side wall of the station shelter, and onto the roof.

Attack Action: Smash down on the roof of the shelter so hard that it collapses over the exit. Power attack v the roof (whose defense is admittedly quite low) Success, by the thinnest of margins! That'll be a DC 34 toughness save from the roof. (Edit: I made the roll without considering the effects of the Demoralize, but mathematically she would only have missed the roof on a natural one, even with the lowered attack stat.)

Move Action Part the Second: Move-by action to send one soulful look at Trevor, then go haring off into the city.

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Right then!

As this round (at least, if not 2-3) will be spent helping evacuate civilians, I'm requesting that With Great Power... counts as being invoked, since as much as he wants to chase Erin he's going to concentrate on this first. So, if that's okay, that'll be 1 extra HP.

Free Action: Notice Check on the rubble: 15.

Hero Point Reroll: 24

Free Action: Knowledge: Structural (to know where to not cause things to collapse): 12

Free Action: Shift Fires of Judgement to "Giant's Strength", which makes him Big and Beefy (full stats on his sheet of course).

Full Round Action: Move over to rubble and use my size and strength to clear it off. Also use Fires of Creation to make some basic supports.

I believe he started the thread with 3HP, got one for CRAZY!, and I'm requesting another one from Complication. That's 5. Minus the 1 here. That's 4, or 3 if the Complication can't count.

Hopefully someone will help make this a slightly safer passage by this time next round!

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