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This Will Do, For Now


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December 13, 2012


Megan was on the second day of apartment hunting with her mother, and the young blonde was well past the point that she wanted to just give up and forget the entire exercise. She and her mother had looked at six apartments yesterday in the Wading Way, and they were now their fifth for today, an apartment building not far north of Midtown.


All the apartments they had seen were nice, often with elegant finishing and fixtures. But none of them really grabbed Megan. For the amount of money she would be spending on rent, Megan felt it was not too much to ask that she find a place that she would really enjoy spending her free time in, even if that proved to be very little.

Megan forced herself to keep an open mind as she and her mother followed the leasing agent for the building into the northeast corner unit on the thirty seventh floor that she had available. "As you can see, the unit has a spacious foyer with hardwood floors." The leasing agent stated as they stepped into said foyer. "There is a good sized closet here to the left. One of the many closets in the unit." She added, indicating the open closet.

Ahead of them, Megan could see that directly ahead of them the foyer led to a step down into a large brightly lit area, likely a living room. But the leasing agent instead diverted them first towards the small hallway that headed off to the right.


"Here you have a half bath, perfect for social guests." The agent stated, indicating the door off to the right of the hallway. Megan took a quick look into the small bathroom, noting the marble finish. "And across from it is a small lien closet." The agent continued, before leading the two women to the open doorway at the end of the small hall.


"Through here is the bedroom suite." The agent noted. "First you have another closet." She said as she indicated the open close directly across from the doorway. "Off to the right is the full bath, also with marble finishing."  Megan joined her mother in moving over to look into the apartment's full bath. It was a bit crowded, but not any more so than Megan had been used to in her dorm at Yale. The bathtub seemed a good size.


The agent then led them into the large bedroom, with high arching ceilings which was rather well lit. The entire opposite wall was large windows, with a small slight angle at the right end. With the windows facing east, Megan could see parts of City Center, and even the Century Narrows beyond. After giving Megan and her mother a chance to take in the view and look about the large room, the agent continued, moving to open a door on the wall opposite the windows. "And here there is a spacious walk in closet."


Once Megan had taken a look inside the walk in closet, the agent led them back out of the bedroom and through the short hallway to the foyer. "But I think that this unit's true charm is the living and dining room area." She said as she led them into the well lit area Megan had noted when they had entered the apartment.


The living room was a long open space that ran perpendicular to the foyer. The upper portion of the living room was framed by a wall opposite the foyer that had a doorway. But it was the lower portion of the living room, connected to the dining room, that immediately drew Megan's attention. Large windows, similar to those in the bedroom, ran along the bottom of the living room and the dining room sat right at the corner of the building, so all of its walls were windows looking out over the city. And it was the view beyond that enthralled Megan. Looking to the north/northeast, the windows looked over the Wading Way, with the three, twisting towers of Pyramid Plaza rising up in the distance.


Megan only half paid attention as the agent continued to talk, leading her and her mother into the kitchen, which also featured hardwood floors, with stainless steel appliances and a stacked washer/dryer just off the kitchen. As the loop through the kitchen brought them back into the living room, Megan's attention immediately went back to the breathtaking view. The blonde young woman looked over towards her mother, who gave a small smile and slightly arched one eyebrow.


Megan nodded slightly and then looked over at the leasing agent. "I'll take it."


"Fabulous!" The agent replied with a wide smile. "Shall we head back to the office to start the paperwork?"

Megan nodded, but looked back out at the view once again before looking back over at her mother, who was looking around the spacious open space around them.


"I think we are going to have to do some furniture shopping." Erin Howell stated to her daughter.

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Freedom City, New Jersey [4]

Megan stood at the windows of the dining room of her apartment drinking a cup of coffee as she looked out on the bright lights of the Wading Way that still glowed in the darkness of the early morning hour. Even at this early hour, the financial district of Freedom City seemed pulse with energy and excitement. In two days she would be starting her internship with Summit Transnational Group as part of her final semester at Yale, placing her squarely in the middle of that world.

Taking another sip of coffee, Megan turned away from the scene outside her window and looked back at her new apartment. Though she and her mother were not quite done with the decorating, they had spent a good bit of time before Christmas at a number of furniture stores in town. So far Megan was very happy with the sleek, stylish and modern look they had gone with for her new furniture.

Focusing on the dining table next to her, the young blonde looked at the various items she had laid out on top of it, mentally checking to confirm she had everything she thought she would need. Today was New Year's Eve, and while Megan was disappointed that she would not be able to spend New Year’s with her old friends Janet (who was down in Miami visiting her father) and Lisa (who was skiing at Whistler with her family), she was feeling excited about the alternate plan she had come up with.

Of course, the plan had required Megan to lie to her mother about how she would be meeting some friends from Yale in Times Square in order to have an excuse for not attending the Midnight Society's New Year's party. It was not that Megan did not usually enjoy attending Midnight Society events, she was just feeling what she had in mind instead could be a lot of fun.

Finishing up her coffee, she placed the empty cup into the sink in the kitchen before glancing up at the clock on the microwave. Well, probably time to be going. She thought, and in a blur of movement, she was gone from the kitchen, her passage stirring the top page of a newspaper sitting on the counter. A second later, she "reappeared" near the dining room table, dressed as Velocity. All the objects that had been on the table were gone, now inside a small backpack on her back.

"Okay, time to ring in the New Year!" She said with a sly grin, and then, in another blur of movement, she was gone from the apartment.

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Freedom City, New Jersey [6]


The first light of morning was just beginning to appear in the sky over Freedom City when Megan zoomed back into her apartment in the Wading Way. She would have been back home sooner from Honolulu, but she had stopped for coffee and quick breakfast at an all-night dinner that was part of a truck stop in the Midwest.


Once back in her apartment, the young woman dropped her backpack down on the coffee table in the living room, then she was off in a blur of motion. Removing her costume, she dropped it into the washing machine in the kitchen with the other costumes she had worn during her around the world trip. Starting the machine, she was then off to the bedroom.

A moment later, the young blonde came to a halt at the foot of her king sized bed, wearing only a deep blue robe.


"That was awesome!" Megan exclaimed out loud as she fell back onto the bed, her arms falling out to either side. She lay there for a few moments, looking up at the ceiling as complete exhaustion began to fully set in.


She had been on the go for over twenty-six hours, had seen the New Year arrive in twenty four different places around the world, and run close to 62,000 miles in the process. Time to get some sleep. She thought as she forced herself to roll over and crawl further up the bed and under the covers, not bothering to take off her robe. And dream of gorgeous Brazilian guys, was her final thought before she drifted off to sleep.

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