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The Great Escapist [OOC]


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Ah! That changes things a little bit then; I was gonna ask to clarify, but now... :)

Elias can 'see':

One man in a STAR uniform, running towards you--probably about 200 yards away, being chased by a number of flying gargoyle-looking creatures. There's also a very large, red-skinned creature dragging an unconscious figure in a STAR uniform into the woods.

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Apologies for the hold-up. Been having a bit of a rough week and I'm still getting used to the new shiny whats-its around the board. But I have my notes back and I've got peoples' character sheets properly bookmarked, so here we go!


Arcturus's Initiative: Initiative: (1d20+5=15)


And the gargoyles: Initiative: (1d20+2=19)


So our breakdown ends up as such:


19 :: Gargoyles

15 :: Arcturus [2 HP; Unharmed]

12 :: Warp [1 HP, Unharmed]

12 :: Errant [1 HP, Unharmed]

9 :: Glow [2 HP, Unharmed]

6 :: Heraldo [5 HP, Unharmed]


And the gargoyles open up with a volley of fireballs intended for the colorful paragon:


Blast 6 (Fling Flame): (1d20+6=23, 1d20+6=19, 1d20+6=20)


So that's 3 TOU checks vs DC 21.


Arcturus leaps into action in a very literal way, aiming at the nearest gargoyle:


Claws (Strike 1, lightning): (1d20+12=20)

...which leaves the first gargoyle staggered and stunned.


IC post forthcoming, after which it'll be Warp's turn!

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Okay, so Glow will be interposing for Warp if she gets attacked.


I believe there's a Gargoyle left unharmed, so Glow wants to give that a bit of a telekinetic smack about the head. Attack roll: 12. Lame.

Also, I don't think I did anything to use one yet, so Glow should come with 2 HP - she has a rank of luck.

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Heraldo sets an Interpose for Errant since that boy has not eaten enough burgers yet. Meanwhile, he zips over to the other flying guy and Accurate Attacks it for a tradeoff of +3 Attack -3 Damage: 14. That would be a miss I'm guessing, so reroll(2HP) 13. +10 from the reroll makes it 23. DC23 TOU save for the gargoyle.

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