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Hm, what would Blue Jay know about a heavy attack Omegadrone? Likely able to shrug off little blows, and she can't do a big one, so web it down!

Blue Jay

Free Action: Switch Bow Arrow Array to Glue Arrow.

Standard Action: Attack! +5 Power Attack. Blue Jay's ranged attack check, vs Harrier's Def. DC 20 Ref (1d20+10=30) Now that's the way to start off a combat. Instead of extra DC I'l go for the free stunt; I should have 15 PP to work with, so I'll go with a Visual Dazzle. It gets all over his eyes!

Move Action: Run to the nearest cover.

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That hits, sure enough.


Harrier failed by five, so he's bound and helpless (though his finger was described as being on the trigger of his weapon earlier; we'll see how that plays out if things go further!)


He fails the Dazzle save too, so for the moment he is bound, helpless, and blind.

I'll wait to see if we go further before I start initiativing and stuff. :D

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Couple of questions. If Wander's just using a standard commlink, could Jay or BK pick up on the signal? Second, just a question of geography -- Harrier came down right in front of the League's headquarters, right? Which would mean that Jay and BK are very close to there.

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Sure, why not, AA said portentously:

Ellie already knew this wasn't the real Brownstone. Everything's too messed-up for that. But this seems like it's specifically someone _else's_ Brownstone. Not just a copy that's slightly off, but a copy of another Brownstone. Outside of the Bluff aspect, it seems as though this Brownstone was 'stopped' somewhere in the middle of a major battle.
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ERMERGERSH, Stratos! Why must you continue to muck everything up?! RAAAAGE!

Move Action: Get right up in Stratos' face. Yes, I'm totally serious.

Standard Action: Ready an All-Out (+5 Attack/-5 Defense) Power Attack (+5 Damage/-5 Attack) Strike 10 against Stratos in-case he makes a move to start a fracas. In addition, the Bee-Keeper III will spend a Hero Point to activate Beginner's Luck, picking up +5 to Intimidate (for a total of +9: 5 + 4 Charisma), and go for the Intimidate Check to diffuse the situation before it escalates any further. Here's a roll for the Strike if necessary: 1d20+10 → [5,10] = (15)

Intimidate +9 Check vs. Doctor Stratos: 1d20+9 → [5,9] = (14)

Bah! No way. Gonna spend another Hero Point for that to improve the roll. C'mon, Dice Gods! What'd I ever do to you? :|

Intimidate +9 Check vs. Doctor Stratos (Minimum 10): 1d20+9 → [14,9] = (23); I can live with this. Bee-Keeper III has 2 Hero Points left.

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