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Off Setting For FCPbP Setting


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So yeah, this is a lawyer friendly setting history I made for maybe doing a comic series based on our characters.


Once upon a time, the universes were connected. Creatures of all shapes and sizes from different worlds would breach the barriers of realities and enter new worlds on a whim. Sometimes the world would suit them and they'd make it their home. However, more powerful ones more often though, they would pillage and seek war on the worlds using the local resources and residents like pawns in their made dash for power.

Eventually, the worlds made a Treatise to expell otherworlders who's powers could warp the world around them, these creatures considered gods retreated to their own paradise where they could look at other worlds but not directly interfer with the worlds below. Otherworldly creatures of magic were put under geas to not interfer without express permission from the inhabitants, and the worlds were monitor by a group of Keepers that lived outside of time and space to help ensure it's stability.

Time passed, and under the Treatise, gods and otherworldly treaded very faintly on worlds with creatures less developed. On occasion, an inhabitant may contact or be choosen to work as their proxy, but the lasting effects never caused worlds to deviate heavily from their set paths. This changed when Oblivion came too power.

In a world where the barrier was particularly thin, Oblivion discovered through research that the walls could be broken and worlds could be contained within his own as an amazing potent powersource. Yes, trapping and binding one universe within his own, he used the one to create weapons and an army large enough to conquer his own world with ease. But he did not stop with one, pushing the boundaries as far as he could, he began to invade more and more worlds, desmating the populations, enslaving the people and entrapping them to full his own ambitions. The invading world began to be known as the Blaze for it spread through the worlds like a wildfire. Eventually though that Blaze would be halted.

One particular world though not considered especially different managed to organize several individuals of extraordinary talents to fight the Blaze to a standstill, until Oblivion himself entered the world and was defeated at the cost of many lives. The battle itself created a surge of magic and otherworldly energies to be released throughout the world, and increased the potiential for more extraordinary individuals to be born. This also thinned the walls of this world, and attracted attention from otherworlders who had long since been banished from interfering with the worlds, as well as refugees who may of escaped worlds taken in from the Blaze. So this little world, with all it's new potiential developed beings with powers on all different scales, some bad, some good, most wearing masks. In this world, one particular city which had been the original battleground for the Blaze invasion has also the most potency for these powered people, and this is where the story happens.


It's similiar cause it is afterall, based on the Freedom Universe, fudged here or there, names changed, specifics not quite set, what do you think?

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First off, that's an idea I never would have thought of, second, I question the necessity of that.

If this is simply a way for you to make comics about the characters on this site, then I don't see much need to make up an entire slightly different universe history and world. As far as I understand you just need to make clear that the setting elements used are owned by Green Ronin and you should be mostly okay. Of course, not aware as to the extent of what this comic series will even be, I'm guessing it's a webcomic.

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