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Flick of Horror (OOC)


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Ok, so a Knowledge (Popular Culture) Rolls from both Etain and Nocturne.

DC 15, you may try this untrained.

The woman is the old actress Lauren Hammond, also known later as the Silver Scream (from FC Source book). She became a vengeful and prideful ghost after her career faded.

Also, a pretty hard Notice Roll DC 30. The poor lighting gives an additional -2 penalty unless you have some appropriate supersense.

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Ok so Etain sees that...

The compere - the slightly greasy man who in the purple smoking jacket - is literally smoking. He is a demon or infernal creature (you don't know what) in disguise! [i.e. a morph effect]

TO answer Prose:

Are they using Phil's camera, or the theater's projector?

The theatre projector. Not the camera. It seems anything the camera even films is dangerous - its power can be indirect.

Also, does Phil have the camera with him right now?

He does indeed, in his sweaty palms!

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And its initiative time! this applies to Etain too, who can teleport in as and when she feels like it. Note that she will be flat footed for one round with an extended teleport.

1d20+0=19 for the Silver Scream.

However, there is more to this story than the Silver Scream! The Camera Inferna!

At this point can Nocturne and Etain also make a Will Save DC 20 to avoid a shaken emotion control effect. This is a sustained duration emotion control 10, limited to shaken. It is due to the horrible effect of the film itself, a separate beast to Silver Scream.

Aoiroo - if you wish the high density magic here (from the film) can activate your blinded complication. This is up to you.

For reference, Silver Scream is p218 of FC Book (don't look if you want to avoid metagaming! ;)

Key stats:

Initiative +0, Toughness +0, Fortitude immune, Reflex +3, Will +10, Attack +0, Defence +4

Bluff +12, Intimidate +14

Feats: Taunt, Fascinate (bluff), Fearsome presence, Fearless

POwers: Insubstantial 4 (Permanent), Darkvision, Illusion 10 (Free action to maintain, Phantasms, all senses, selective), Invisibility 2 (all visual), Mental Blast 6 (limited to subjects affected by illusion)

NB: The Camera Inferna will cause other PLOT effects as well!

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